9 large crowds for black buckwheat tea

[Reading] Liangshan black buckwheat tea, rich in rutin (VP), dietary fiber, selenium, amylopectin, lysine, linoleic acid and other essential human nutrition. There are prevention and adjuvant treatment of three high (high blood sugar, high blood lipids, high blood pressure), Runchang bowel, detoxification purge, help restore fatigue.

1. People with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high blood lipids

Its hypoglycemic and lipid-lowering effects are related to the rich linoleic acid, rutin, quercetin, trace elements, vitamins and phytosterols in tartary buckwheat. Linoleic acid is a saturated fatty acid that can combine with cholesterol esters, promote the transport of cholesterol, inhibit the synthesis of endogenous cholesterol in the liver, and promote its degradation into bile acid excretion. ∧芗跚岫 ∧芗跚岫 毙 病理 病理 病理 病理 Pathophysiological damage of pancreatitis, protection of pancreatic tissue, strengthen the peripheral role of insulin, engage in lipid peroxidation, inhibit high-density lipoprotein (HDL) oxidation, reduce capillary permeability, dilate blood vessels, strengthen The role of vitamin C and promote the accumulation of vitamins in the body, help to improve lipid metabolism; trace elements magnesium can reduce serum cholesterol, selenium can promote the increase of insulin secretion to directly scavenge oxygen free radicals, chromium can enhance insulin function and improve glucose tolerance; therefore, Long-term consumption of buckwheat foods has good health care effects on diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

2. People with diabetes

Buckwheat is rich in buckwheat, especially buckwheat bran contains the highest content, so buckwheat tea is rich in buckwheat sugar, they are D-chiro-inositol (D-CI) and its galactoside. D-CI is a stereoisomer of water-soluble inositol. It exists in some plant species, such as buckwheat and some squash, and has a hypoglycemic activity. D-CI regulates insulin activity, and in particular activates pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH). Its galactosidase structure is similar to that of PH 2.0 insulin regulating mediator and has a hypoglycemic effect.

3. People who often sit or drive a car

The bitter buckwheat tea is rich in all kinds of essential vitamins, minerals, and its unique polyphenolic compounds, which can effectively fight fatigue and anti-ischemia, and prevent the occurrence of related diseases due to sedentary conditions, such as San Gao.

4. Mentally stressed mental workers

Buckwheat tea contains 18 kinds of natural amino acids, the total content of up to 11.82%, in particular contains the general crops such as wheat, rice lysine missing, rich in arginine and histidine, which can effectively eliminate fatigue and lack of resistance Blood disorders. Tartary buckwheat flavonoids can increase carbon clearance capacity and phagocytic function of the reticuloendothelial system, thereby effectively enhancing human immunity.

5. Overdrinkers

The bitter buckwheat tea is very health-promoting to people who drink alcohol. First of all, buckwheat is rich in amylopectin, contains a lot of gel mucus, and can effectively protect the gastric mucosa. Second, bitter quercetin has a significant role in lowering the enzyme. The liver has a clear protective effect.

6. Habitual constipation

The dietary fiber in buckwheat tea is much higher than that of wheat and rice. The dietary fiber in tartary buckwheat reaches 1.6%, which is 8 times that of ordinary rice noodles. It has the good effect of removing intestinal toxins and removing toxins from the body. It is the digestive system of the human body. Scavenger. It is recommended that people who drink constipation not only drink buckwheat tea but also have a better effect on tea consumption.

7. Obese

The content of starch in tartary buckwheat was lower than that of rice and rice, while the fiber content was higher than that of rice and rice. The rice and noodles were acidic, while the tartary buckwheat was slightly alkaline. In other words, after eating a bowl of tartary buckwheat rice, the starch to be eaten is less than the starch in a bowl of rice, and the calories are low. Secondly, he himself contains a lot of dietary fiber, which helps digestion, and his basic characteristics are It can neutralize the oil and meat supplies that are eaten into the stomach, and it is easy to drink slender drinks.

8. Ms. Amy (Slimming, detoxification, beauty)

Bitter buckwheat tea is rich in bioflavonoids, especially quercetin, with anti-aging, hypolipidemic, etc. High dietary fiber has the function of defecation, and buckwheat contains a melanin-inhibiting substance -2,4-dihydroxy cis Cinnamic acid) has the effect of preventing freckles and senile plaques. It is a beauty skin care product. The tartary buckwheat protein is a water-soluble albumin and a salt-soluble globulin. Experiments have proved that it has anti-aging effects, and it also has the effect of inhibiting fat accumulation and improving constipation.

9. Office white-collar elite

White-collar elites in the office are a potential group of three advanced metabolic diseases because of high work pressure, less exercise, tense life and no regular diet. Buckwheat tea contains a variety of beneficial inorganic elements, including 11 times more magnesium than wheat, 2-5 times more iron, 5 times more silicon, 5 times more lithium, and 2 times potassium the above. Among them, bitter buckwheat magnesium can participate in energy conversion of human cells, regulate myocardial activity, weaken cardiac rhythm and excitatory conduction, expand coronary artery, increase myocardial blood supply, facilitate diastolic and rest, promote fibrinolysis in human body, and inhibit coagulation Enzyme production reduces serum cholesterol. Potassium and magnesium can effectively eliminate fatigue and enhance endurance. At the same time, bitter buckwheat is rich in bioflavonoids, allowing you to stay away from the three advanced diseases in advance, allowing you to easily and healthy.

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