Agfa's newly developed computer radiography

Release date: 2009-02-04

Belgian Agfa Health Technologies has recently developed a computerized X-ray (CR) software Application that will be a new approach to clinical and medical imaging diagnostics.

Computer X-ray photography (CR) has been widely recognized and widely used for its excellent performance and digital imagery. CR combines traditional radiology technology with modern computer technology to create a new stage of digital radiography, making tradition The X-ray technology has undergone a qualitative leap, and CR application is of great significance in the development of medical imaging.

The new technology developed by the company can use computer technology to carry out the various processing of the obtained information according to the requirements of diagnosis, and provides possibilities for long-term preservation and efficient retrieval of images. A single exposure can be used to obtain multiple photos of different needs, which greatly reduces the radiation of bedside chest photography, which is especially important for patients who are confused and unable to cooperate.

Compared with traditional X-ray photography, CR not only significantly improves the success rate of chest radiographs, but also improves the quality of chest radiographs. The range of chest density varies greatly. The post-processing function of CR provides reliable diagnosis for radiology. The imaging basis improves the accuracy of the diagnosis. CR is becoming more and more common in imaging examinations, greatly improving the condition and image quality of X-ray photographs, which is easy for daily work and more beneficial to patients, especially for those patients with clinically critical patients and their need for bedside photography. Obviously, it provides accurate and reliable imaging diagnosis basis for clinically successful rescue of patients' lives.
——Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association

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