Asparagus autumn notes

According to the time of the opening and the time of colonization of the asparagus planting land, the time for raising the seedlings is generally required to raise the seedlings 60-80 days before the planting, and the methods for raising the seedlings in the open seasons are different in different seasons. According to different nursery time can be divided into: spring nursery, summer nursery and autumn nursery. Here are some things to note about the nursery in the fall:

1. Early autumn nursery. Early autumn nursery, because the temperature is still high during the day. Therefore, after the sowing is completed, it is still necessary to cover 2-3 cm of straw on the surface of the earthworm. When the stem surface appears dry, it should be sprayed with water in time to remove the cover grass when the seedlings emerge. Seedlings in the early fall are generally better to emerge, and the temperature is still high during the day. Therefore, it is not possible to cover the surface of the diaphragm.

2. Late autumn seedlings. In the late autumn, different regions have different requirements. The latest time is 30-40 days before the beginning of the frost. The late seedling growth will not be enough to affect the wintering of the seedlings. Late autumn nursery generally adds a small shed before the first frost, which can extend the growth period of the seedlings by 20-30 days. Due to the high temperature during the day, the small arch sheds were ventilated during the day and the temperature was controlled below 30 degrees. In the evening, the small sheds were tightly insulated. When the natural temperature is very low, the seedlings in the small arch shed will suffer from frost damage and wilting. At this time, the overwintering water is poured and the seedling age has reached more than 60 days, and it can be safely wintered. In winter, small sheds can be kept and can be removed without affecting the survival rate of seedlings.

In general, the seedlings are overwintering in the seedlings and they should be protected. A layer of 4-5 cm of organic fertilizer can be sprinkled on the seedlings, especially donkeys, horses and goats. However, in the winter, the seedbed must not be allowed to dry, otherwise it will be easy to freeze the seedlings. Because asparagus can withstand the low temperature of minus 36 degrees, as long as the winter seedlings do not dry out, without losing water, generally do not freeze dead seedlings. Regardless of nursery seedlings or open field seedlings, the average seedling age can reach 60-80 days, and 3-4 shoots on the ground can be planted.

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