Autumn edible mushroom production technology

Each season has its own characteristics, and it has to be hard to apply. The result will be unsatisfactory. This is the basic concept that the technology adjusts according to the season. Take the autumn production as an example to briefly explain the technical focus as follows:

First, base material fermentation, pay attention to uniform fermentation materials, in addition to Agaricus bisporus, Coprinus comatus and other species must be fermented material sowing, Pleurotus ostreatus, Ji mushroom, etc. also have applications, many years of practice and research tells us: the biggest problem in the cultivation of fermentation materials One is that the fermentation is not uniform: the degree of ripening varies, the moisture content is not uniform, and even abnormal conditions such as anaerobic fermentation occur, thus resulting in an unsatisfactory cultivation effect. Therefore, we should pay attention to the principle of turning: inside and outside the uniform, up and down evenly, according to the fermentation temperature and weather conditions, each pile should be properly replenishment; secondary mushroom fermentation, must meet the temperature requirements, and maintain the prescribed time, otherwise, It is highly probable that there will be a large number of haunted umbrellas, leading to the failure of production.

Second, the temperature is still high. Please note that in most areas of insect pests from March until the end of October, the number of pests of mushrooms and insects is always high. In particular, the dung fly is even more active. During the base material seasoning or fermentation, they tend to taste. The eggs are laid so that when the raw material is cultivated, the eggs are sown. When the fermented material is sown, the live insects enter the bag or go to bed. During the germination period, they will form a hazard, resulting in “fungus”, ie, the mycelium is thick at the beginning, and then the hyphae The less, until complete elimination of bacteria. Therefore, clean the surrounding environment and spray the liquid before mixing. During the seasoning or bagging process, if there are mushrooms and mosquitoes, spraying drugs to kill, and complete sowing as soon as possible.

Third, the humidity is relatively large, pay attention to miscellaneous autumn production, air relative humidity and ground water are larger, such as in the greenhouse bacteria, in case of high temperature or poor ventilation, the probability of contamination is quite large, which is why the early autumn season is fresh One of the main reasons for the small amount of mushrooms listed is that the pollution is mainly common Trichoderma, Aspergillus, Mucor, etc. When clinker is cultivated, Streptomyces is the “number one killer”, and once it is formed, it will lead to failure of cultivation. Therefore, the fungus shed is strictly sterilized before it is used, cleaned up, sprayed with drugs, and then the grass pods are peeled off to make it fully exposed under the high temperature conditions in the sun shade. After 2 days, the grass pods are cooled and the ground is spread. Lime powder, then the bag after sowing can be moved into the bacteria phase; during spraying, drugs should be sprayed for prevention. Note that the selected drug should be a non-polluting, safe drug for humans.

4. Strictly control and pay attention to the strict miscellaneousness during the period of sporadism. Once the pollution occurs, the contaminated bacteria bags will be immediately removed from the shed and used for drug treatment to prevent the spread.

Fifth, the long speed is faster, pay attention to the early autumn temperature is very suitable for fruiting, fruiting occurs faster. Because the long speed is faster, it should be harvested in time. The principle is that mining is not adopted late. It would rather reduce production due to early harvest, and it cannot be made to age due to late harvest. Aged mushrooms not only have poor taste, but also a lot of base material nutrition. In addition, such varieties as Coprinus comatus, once picked late, will open automatically and lose their value.

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