Autumn Tonic Diet TOP5

After the dry autumn arrives, MMs do not only pay attention to buying expensive cosmetics to maintain themselves. In fact, women want to look good and rosy and healthy, and it is the most important from the inside out. The delicious and nutritious nourishing sugar water can make you eat more beautiful and shine from the inside out.

Qiuzao should be nourishing

Chinese medicine believes that health care must pay attention to the corresponding nature, to adapt to changes in seasonal climate, to avoid invading evils is not easy to get sick, aging. The main gas in autumn is “dryness”. Dryness and evils invade the human body and cause a series of dry symptoms such as chapped skin, unsatisfied hair, dry mouth, dry nose, dry throat, dry tongue, less turbidity, less sweat, and dry cough. Or less, or even sore throat, bloody sputum, constipation and so on. Women want beauty and beauty, first of all should enhance the physiological function of organs, so as to make the face not lose.

In addition, you should also add more water as appropriate, drink more soup. The moist soup can moisturize the woman's skin and internal organs and reduce the damage of dryness to the body. Therefore, the autumn diet should be mainly light, soup, sugar water is still on the election.

Autumn Tonic Food TOP5

Autumn nourishment requires the use of supplemental foods that are “complementary but not stubborn and prevent dryness and not greasy”. These foods need not only contain a lot of water but also be rich in vitamins and minerals.


One hundred Chinese herbal medicines cooperate with blood, blood circulation, Qingfei Runzao, nourishing yin, clearing heat, and nourishing the spleen and stomach.


Tremella has nourishing yin, lungs, stomach and other effects. Tremella is beneficial to qi, nourishing moist food, dry lips and coke Qiuzao symptoms have a tonic effect.

3. 枸杞

The long service time in the fall will make people look ruddy, need to be black, and delay aging. However, the Chinese wolfberry warm body effect is quite strong, with high blood pressure, too impatient temperament best not to eat.

4. Jujube

Traditional Chinese medicine commonly used jujube for the treatment of spleen and stomach weakness, lack of blood and insomnia embolism. According to pharmacological studies, jujube protects the liver and lowers blood lipids. Chinese medicine believes that jujube, while sweet, non-toxic, but the nature of damp heat, it can not eat, especially those who have hot and humid, more food will appear cold and hot thirst, bloating and other adverse reactions.

5. Sweet potato

Sweet potato is very effective in preventing and treating constipation, and is also an ideal diet food because it is rich in cellulose and pectin and has the function of preventing the conversion of sugar into fat.

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