Bagging Apple has six bogey

A to avoid bagging too late. After testing, the earlier the apple bagging, the better the fruit retreats, and the faster the coloration after unpacking the bag. Therefore, the best time for apple bagging is from early June to late June. It is not only bad to leave green when it is too late, and it is also not good for coloring after unpacking, which affects the effect of bagging.

The second taboo bag is too late. It was observed that the suitable temperature for bagging apples was 13-15°C. When the temperature difference was >10°C, the bag was not only colored quickly but also had a bright color. If the average daily temperature is lower than 13 °C, when the temperature difference is less than 10 °C, the coloring is slow. Even if it is colored, the color tone is not normal, which affects the appearance quality of the fruit. Therefore, it is best to take the bag from September 25 to October 1. 15-20 days after bag removal is appropriate.

Three bogey one-time solution bags. Bagging apples should not be disposable and positive midday high temperature solution bags. It is safer to remove the inner bag from the high temperature at noon after 3-5 days after the outer bag is released. Otherwise, in the event of a strong sunshine, the sunburn caused by the fruit surface was serious, but the bad colored fruit surface was ugly and the commodity rate was reduced.

Four bogey days rain bags. A considerable number of fruit growers dispose of their bags in rainy weather at one time, thinking that there will be no problem. Practice has proved that it is not safe to unpack the bags on rainy days. If a bag of rainy weather is encountered after unpacking bags, it will cause a rough fruit surface and serious rust. The color is dark and the appearance quality is reduced.

Five bogey only pick leaves do not turn fruit. Within 7-8 days after the bagging of the bagged apple is lifted, it is best to turn the fruit after picking the leaves on the sunny side. However, some fruit growers only know how to pick up the leaves, but they do not change the fruit, which results in the over-coloring of the Yang surface, the pale color, or the lack of color, which does not meet the requirement of full-red.

Six bogey one-time harvest. Apple bags should not be harvested at one time. Must be collected in batches in stages. That is to say, when the pink full-color standard is reached, it will be harvested in stages so that the product rate of bagged apples can be increased.

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