Bao green tongue flower buddha palm

Family: Apricotaceae

Latin name: Glottiphyllumlinguiforme

Alias: tongue flower, Buddha palm

Origin distribution:

The dry regions where South Africa is warm in winter and cool in summer are cultivated in many countries in the world.

Morphological characteristics:

The stems are short or absent. The leaves are fleshy and tongue-shaped. They have two cracks and are about 7 cm long. They are bright green, smooth and shiny. The leaf ends turn slightly outward. Autumn and winter flowering, flowers are drawn from the leaves, with short stems and golden yellow.

Growth habits:

Hi warm, more drought-resistant, but fear of high temperature, not cold. Growth temperature 18-22 degrees, more than 30 degrees growth retardation, and into a semi-dormant state.

Hi warm in winter, cool and dry in summer, plants grow slowly and semi-dormant. The wintering temperature must be maintained above 10°C. Suitable for fertile, well-drained sandy loam soil.

Morphological characteristics:

Very short, fleshy, ligulate, 2-lobed, 7 cm long, 2-3 wide, bright green, smooth and shiny. The leaf ends slightly reversed and the plant looks like a bergamot. Autumn and winter flowering, flowers are extracted from the leaves and the corolla is golden yellow

Cultivation and conservation:

Change the basin every spring to remove dried leaves. The fertilization is applied once every half-month in the growing season. When the summer is high, the watering should be cautious, and the basin soil should be slightly dry. Such as high temperature and humidity, stems and leaves perishable. At this time, it is necessary to shade and ventilate, and it is better to use cool and half shades to achieve safer summer. The most vigorous growth in the autumn, watering should be more, the temperature dropped after the winter, the growth slowed, and watering reduced accordingly. In the early spring flowering period, watering can be increased. General cultivation 3-4 years plants need to be updated.


Bao green leaves are thick and juicy, green and transparent, resembling jade, elegant and chic. The first month of winter blooms, the flowers are golden yellow, shining brightly, and the ancient part is lovable.

The treasure green is suitable for potted plants. It is furnished on desks, windowsills, few cases, small and exquisite, very elegant.

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