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Scientific name: Cocosnueifera

Family: Palmaceae Coconut

Alias: 胥 胥 胥 胥, 胥 Yu, Yue son


Widely distributed on the tropical coast, China's Taiwan, Hainan Island, and southern Yunnan have cultivated a history of more than 2,000 years. Now Guangxi and Fujian provinces also have cultivation.

Morphological characteristics:

Coconut is an evergreen tree that represents the tree species in the tropics. Trunk with ring-shaped leaves. Leaves pinnately divided, lanceolate. The fleshy panicles, the slender flames, the male flowers on the upper part of the branches, the female flowers, born on the lower part of the branches. The base has a few cymbals. Drupal large, dark brown when cooked. Flowering throughout the year, fruit ripening after one year of flowering.

The shape of coconut is similar to that of watermelon. The outer skin is thin and dark brown green; the middle skin is a thick layer of fiber; the inner skin is keratinous. There is a large storage of coconut milk cavity, when mature, its stored coconut milk, clear water, sweet as honey, crystal clear and bright, is an excellent cool thirst-quenching products.

Growth habits:

Suitable for high temperature and rainy weather and well drained coastal and river alluvial soils.


Deep roots and wind resistance are excellent species of shelter forest. It is also a beautiful green tree species.

Coconut palms are luxuriant and the shade is like an umbrella. In the garden, in front of the window, on the roof of the house and on the lawn, the breeze passed through, and the long leaves were low and pleasant.

Nutritional value:

Coconut milk and coconut meat moisture protein, fructose, glucose, sucrose, fat, vitamin B1, vitamin E, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium and so on. Copra is white, fragrant, and coconut milk is refreshing and sweet. Coconut and coconut milk are delicious fruits for all ages.

Medicinal parts:

Juice, nutshell, root bark, endosperm (copra), oil extracted from endosperm (coconut oil).


Juice; tonic, Sheng Jin diuretic, insecticidal. For cardiac edema, dry mouth, thirst, ginger insects. Husk: Qufeng, dampness, itching. Root bark: stop bleeding, relieve pain. For nasal discharge, stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea. Endosperm: Qi, go to the wind. It is used for hoarding white worms and young children are lean and thin. Coconut oil: For frostbite.

Coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm of the palm plant. Coconut is one of the unique fruits of Hainan, rich in nutrients, coconut water can drink straight drinks, sweet and delicious. Fresh coconut meat is delicate, coconut water is more, coconut can be put for a long time, the old coconut coconut crispy and delicious, coconut nuclear can be used to make crafts.

Species and varieties

In recent years, coconut has only one species. From the analysis of cultivars, there were differences between wild species and cultivated species. Among the cultivated species, there were high coconut, dwarf coconut and hybrid coconut.

High-grade coconut is currently the most commercial coconut in the world. Plants tall, up to 20 meters or more, base enlargement, canopy leaves up to 30-40, 6-8 years after planting results. The male flower was first opened, the female flower was opened, cross-pollination was performed, the fruit was larger, and the dried coconut was of high quality and high oil content. High-yield coconuts are divided into red coconuts and green coconuts according to the color of leaves and fruits; they are divided into three types: big round, middle round, and small round, depending on the shape and size of the fruit.

1 big round fruit, fruit weight 2400 ~ 3100 grams, coconut meat (endosperm) weight 500 ~ 630 grams, coconut water (liquid endosperm) weighs 750 ~ 1200 g, round or oval fruit, yield is low, less cultivation.

2 round fruit, single fruit weight 1800 to 2000 grams, coconut weight 400 to 450 grams, coconut water weight 400 to 450 grams, round or oval fruit, medium yield, more cultivation.

3 small round fruit, a single fruit weight of 1000 to 1500 grams, coconut weight 250 to 300 grams, 250 to 300 grams of coconut water, fruit round, high yield, cultivation less.

Dwarf coconut plants are shorter and shorter, stems do not swell at the base, and flowering after 3 to 4 years of planting, resulting in high yield, but smaller fruit, poor copra quality, low oil content, and unfavorable production of coconut oil. Copra is soft, sweet, and has a good coconut water flavor. Male and female same order, the same flowering period, self-flowering. Dwarf coconut leaves and fruit color points: red and dwarf, yellow dwarf, green dwarf three types.

Hybrid coconuts have long-term crossbreeding to increase yield.

1 Mawow, the first generation of a high-species Malay dwarf hybrid in West Africa, has fast growth, strong growth, and early maturation. The average yield per plant is more than 100.

2 Coconut Coconut 78F1, the first generation of a crossbreeding Malay panda dwarf in Hainan. Fast growth, early maturation, flowering after 3 to 4 years of planting, results, high yield, large fruit, wind resistance, cold resistance, is a new species with large production potential.

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