Colorful horses drunk wood

Family Genus: Azalea

Plant species:

It is a species or variety cultivated by the Japanese horses, and it is also known as hybrids with Taiwan. It is an evergreen broad-leaved shrub or arbor. Its cultivars and varieties are varied, and its leaf color is often called the color leaf horse drunk wood.

Morphological characteristics:

The bark of Equus melanocarpa is gray or brown, with vertical stripes and scaly lines. The leaves are leathery and flexible. Most of them are alternate, lanceolate to oblanceolate, or oblong, often with serrated shoots. , Bronze, copper, orange or yellow range. Colorful horse drunk wood flower posture unique charm. It is composed of white bell-shaped white flowers born in the racemes or panicles. The inflorescences are terminal or axillary. The erect or drooping flowers are white, sometimes pink and aromatic.

During flowering from February to May, the calyx is yellow-green or tan, sometimes light reddish-brown.

Colorful horse drunk wood cultivars are many. China's introduced varieties can be roughly divided into two major series of foliage and viewing flowers. The leaf series can be divided into red leaves and white flowers in two series:

The red leaves are red like flames, mosaics are colorful, green leaves are green, and the safflower season is full of flowers.

The white flower series is similar to the flow cloud waterfall, which is fresh and elegant. The leaf color of most drunken cultivars changes with different growth periods. The same plant will have red, pink, yellow, green and so on. The colorful foliage is highly ornamental.

Growth habits:

Ma Zumuxi humid humid half-negative climate environment, but also in the full light environment, like the acidic fertile and moist permeability of the soil with good performance. The environmental requirements are similar to those of azaleas, but they are more hardy.

Most of the Chinese imports are Japanese horse drunk wood, and some are hybrids of Japanese horse drunk wood and Taiwan horse drunk wood. All the hybrids and cultivars are extremely hardy, and some of the varieties can survive in the open air in the northern part of the country in cold weather, winter in the cold regions with cold leaves, and are suitable for planting in the vast areas south of Beijing. This kind of growth habits has created a wide range of applications, a vast geographical distribution of plasticity and many other advantages.


Colorful horses drunk wood can be applied to hedge and color block puzzles, forest block configuration, block planting, lower wood configuration and edge shrubs, beautify and other conventional flower bushes are more beautiful than the color. It will enrich the content of garden greening, and it is also an ideal choice for the development of mid-level trees in the direction of high grade. Many species of observing leaves can be viewed throughout the year, so they can also be used as ornamental potted plants to promote.

Suitable planting areas can be grown in most parts of China.

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