Do not feed livestock and poultry with rotten grass

In the autumn, there are many green vegetables, young and juicy, good palatability, and nourishment. Livestock and poultry are easy to digest and fast on the ground. It is a good feed for catching crickets and improving production performance. However, in summer and autumn, it is very hot and rainy. If there is too much harvest and improper storage and processing, it will be very easy to moldy. Especially in the case of rain and moisture, it is more likely to deteriorate.

Fresh grassy greens contain a lot of nitrates. Too long after being accumulated, under the action of bacteria, nitrates are reduced and some oxygen is released to form highly toxic nitrite. Livestock and poultry that eat this nitrite-containing rotten grass, rotten vegetables, will lose the ability to carry oxygen, and even poisoning or suffocation due to severe hypoxia.

Some people think that there are many grass and vegetables in summer and autumn, and it is a pity that they do not give up. In fact, these grasses and vegetables can be fermented or soaked in sauerkraut for a long time. This nitrite content is very small, will not cause poisoning, but also improve feed taste and nutritional value.

The method is to wash grass, vegetables, melons, leaves, etc., wash and shorten the cylinder, compact the layer by layer, and when it is 80% full, cover it with a straw curtain, press the stone, but do not add water; After sinking, fill the tank with water again to isolate the air. After another day of fermentation, the pigs can be removed. Not only does the flavor change, the nutritional value is also high, and it is easier for the pig to digest after eating.

Salon Trolley offer a cost-effect, layer classification, easy to move, convenient to take, compact moving platform for the salon use when there is a beauty operation or hairstyling of people.

The advantage of using a trolley include the better utilization of manpower, high efficiency of the movement of the materials, accessories and even some small operating machine.


Function and Feature:

1. Normally the trolley has 2 or 3 layers, we can customize more layers

2. Oak wood frame and metal tube frame with painting are regular material of frame for the trolleys.

3. Wood, glass and plastic layers are optional.

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