Excellent local breeding techniques for broiler sheds

The local excellent broilers have strong resistance to disease and strong resistance, rough feeding, beautiful appearance, easy feeding, delicious meat, the price per kilogram up to 20 to 30 yuan. The local broiler chickens in small-scale grazing areas have low investment, quick effect, easy migration, and are also conducive to ecological and environmental protection, and are suitable for ordinary farmers to raise. First, the use of improved varieties: suitable for large-scale areas of shed broiler chickens are: court yellow chicken, Chongren Ma chicken, black feather black chicken, Taihe black bone chicken, white chicken ear Guangfeng, Ningdu yellow chicken. Second, site selection and construction of sheds: 1 Site selection: hills, meadows, orchards and trees suitable for shed chickens. The terrain is high and dry, with water, power, or slightly sloped mountains. The chicken shed should face south or southeast, which is conducive to ventilation and lighting. Peaks with large temperature difference between day and night and low-lying areas with poor ventilation and poor drainage are not suitable for building chicken sheds. The chicken sheds should be far away from residential areas, other poultry breeding grounds and factories where there are sources of pollution. 2 build sheds: greenhouse frame can be drawn on the spot, with wooden sticks, bamboo and other support, roof height of 2 meters to 2.5 meters, the edge of high 1.5 meters to 2 meters. The top shelf was "person" type. Canopy, oil felt, plastic cloth, etc. can be covered around the roof and shed, and should be easily removable at any time. Around the shed, a brick wall with a height of 1m to 1.2m is built around the movable plastic film. The south brick wall should leave several openings that can be freely accessed and closed. In the summer, the plastic film should be rolled up to a height of 0.8 m to 1 m in order to cool down. In the summer, 800 to 1000 birds can be raised in each shed. Third, the chicks feeding and management: 1 brooding preparatory work: the brooding house cleaned clean, four walls, ground spray 10% to 20% lime milk or 10% bleach solution disinfection, food troughs, drinking fountains, etc. and washed with 0.2% sodium hypochlorite disinfection . The brooding litter is straw, chaff, etc. It should be dry, soft, free from mildew and exposed to sunlight. 2 Chicken rearing: After the chicks get out of the shell, the water is opened and eaten within 12 to 24 hours. Drink temperature is 15 ~ 20 °C, the initial drinking water per liter of glucose and 50 grams of vitamin C1 g; 3 to 5 days later, add a small amount of ginger juice, garlic juice or Banlangen granules to prevent intestinal infections. You can use broken rice or chopped corn for open food, and use compound feed after 2 or 3 days. The nutritional requirements for chick diets are: metabolic energy 11.9 to 12.1 MJ/kg, crude protein 18% to 20%. 3 Chicks Management: The first week requires a temperature of 33-35°C, and thereafter, a decrease of 1-2°C per week and a temperature of 30-40 days. Fourth, rearing and management of broiler chickens: The level of dietary nutrition is: metabolic energy 11.9 ~ 12.1 MJ / kg, crude protein 19% ~ 21%, feed the full price material 1 ~ 2 times a day, corn or rice 1 times, the rest of the time grazing In the wild, weeds such as weeds, seeds, bugs, crickets, etc. Broilers are bred in groups of sizes, and the optimum temperature is 15 to 20°C and relative humidity is 50% to 55%. Vaccination, disease prevention, disinfection, etc. in the breeding of large-sized sheds for bred broiler chickens are performed according to conventional methods. All-in, all-out approach is adopted and the farm will be relocated one year later to facilitate the prevention of chicken disease. Author: Zhoukai Chun Yu Dingdi Unit: Jiangxi Fengxin County Animal Husbandry Bureau

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