Feed starter - how to reduce feed costs

Feed starter - how to reduce feed costs Breeding wants to make big money, reducing costs is the key. Rough feed has low cost and wide resources, but it has low nutritional value and poor palatability and can only be used as a supplementary feed for other feeds. In order to reduce the cost of feed, you can only work on roughage. After many years of research and exploration, the scientific research has finally come to fruition - Gold Baby Feed Starter. The benefits of Kumba Biofeed special-purpose starter are:
1, improve the level of nutrition and increase the utilization rate of digestibility. The “special function” type microorganisms contained in the special biofertilizers for Kappa Biofeeds are particularly good at “destroying” the “strategists” that hinder the most difficult to deal with the conversion of vegetable raw materials (especially raw materials with high cellulose content such as straw) into feeds. One of them, the plant cell wall, degrades cellulose and pectin to monosaccharides and oligosaccharides, and produces a variety of organic acids, vitamins, enzymes, and unknown growth factors, which greatly increase the nutritional level of fermentation materials and Digestive efficiency.
2. Detoxify feed and improve safety. Through the microbial's own life activities, the toxic and harmful substances contained in feed ingredients (especially rapeseed cakes and cottonseed cakes) are degraded and removed, thereby greatly improving the safety of feed, making cottonseed cakes and rapeseed cakes available. Use instead of pods.
3, improve the animal's resistance to disease. The microorganisms contained in the special baby hair growth aid directly participate in and increase the “barrier” of the intestinal tract, supplement and increase the population and quantity of beneficial microorganisms in the intestinal tract, prevent the colonization and growth of pathogenic microorganisms, and restore and maintain The microecological balance of the intestine of the sheep improves the immunity and disease resistance of the sheep.
4, improve feed palatability. Fermentation products fermented by the special fermentation aid of goldfish feed have golden color, lubricity, odor, sweetness, and good taste. Sheep are very fond of eating, eat much, and are very suitable for raw feeding, which greatly saves fuel and other costs.
5, reduce costs. After the roughage and energy feed are mixed in proportion, they are fermented and made into a mixed feed by using the Golden Baby Fermenter. It can reduce the amount of the original energy feed by about 50%, and the effect is better than the latter.

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