Fertilization Technology for Standardized Production of Chinese Medicinal Materials

Fertilizer is an indispensable important substance for the growth of medicinal plants. It plays a leading role in promoting its growth and development, increasing yield and quality, but it must pay attention to reasonable application, can not be applied or indiscriminately applied to fertilization methods of other crops. According to the relevant provisions of the standardized and standardized production (GAP) of Chinese herbal medicines, the following points are summarized for the reference of the majority of farmers in production.

First, according to the characteristics of Chinese herbal medicine varieties fertilization

Generally for perennials, especially medicinal plants of roots and underground stems, such as odoratum, white peony, etc., the application of fully decomposed organic fertilizer is mainly to increase the application of calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer 50-70kg per acre, increase potassium fertilizer, with Fertilizers are applied to meet the nutrient requirements throughout the growing season. Generally, all kinds of Chinese herbal medicines can be properly applied with nitrogenous fertilizer; Chinese herbal medicines with flower and seeds should be given with more phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. Different fertilization in different growth stages of Chinese herbal medicines, in the early growth stage, more nitrogen fertilizer is applied, the amount of application of nitrogen is less, and the concentration is lower; in the middle growth period, the amount and concentration should be appropriately increased; in the later growth stage, phosphorus and potash fertilizers are used to promote early fruit ripening and the seeds are full. .

Second, due to soil fertilization

1. Sandy soil should pay attention to the application of organic fertilizers such as manure, compost, green manure, and soil miscellaneous manure, and add clay to thicken the tillage layer to enhance its ability to retain water and fertility. Top dressings should be applied in small quantities, avoiding excessive application and loss.

2. For clay soil, organic fertilizer should be applied more, and the quick-acting fertilizer should be used as seed fertilizer and early fertilizer in order to facilitate early-onset hair growth.

3. Loamy soil. This kind of soil has the advantages of sand and clay. It is the ideal soil for most Chinese herbal medicines. Fertilization is combined with organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, and it is applied rationally according to the needs of various growth stages of cultivated varieties.

Third, the principle of fertilization

1, mainly three yuan compound fertilizer, with the use of organic fertilizer.

2, with basal fertilizer with the use of top dressing and seed fertilizer.

3. Apply fertilizer on the basis of applying farmyard manure to improve the soil and improve the quality of Chinese herbal medicines.

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