Fish pond water quality control technology

As the saying goes, raising fish first raises water. The quality of water has a great influence on the growth and development of fish. Water quality is not good, fish is easy to get sick, and a good water quality environment is the basis for disease prevention. Here are some practical techniques for prevention and control of water quality in fish ponds summarized by the technical instructor of Qilin District:
First, strictly control the water source to prevent sewage from flowing into the pond. If necessary, measure the ammonia nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, and ph value of the water in order to adjust it in time.
Second, pay attention to observe the weather, changes in water color and fish activity, often adding new water. Timely oxygenation ensures fresh water and adequate dissolved oxygen.
Third, rational fertilization: basal fertilizer is best to use organic fertilizer, application time should be early, accounting for about 50% -60% of the amount of fertilizer for the whole year, before the application of organic fertilizer, it is best to close the fermentation of fertilizer, decomposed and then into the fish pond , This will not pollute the water quality, but also be quickly absorbed by the body of water. The water quality is “fat, live, tender and cool”, and the transparency is generally 25cm-35cm.
Fourth, the use of probiotics, adjust the micro-ecological balance, commonly used nitrifying bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, sulfide bacteria, EM and so on.

The yellow mealworm is not only rich in protein, fat, polysaccharid and other organic macromolecular nutrients, but also rich in phosphorus, potassium, iron, sodium, aluminum and other trace elements. For every 100g of the yellow mealworm larvae, the protein content of dry powder is between 48% and 54%, the fat content is between 28% and 41%, and the contents of vitamin E, B1 and B2 are also high. Therefore, the yellow mealworm can provide high quality protein for the lark birds, make the lark birds strong, eyes bright, feathers rich and shiny.

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