Fresh eating apricot autumn field management

Apricot trees are deep-rooted fruit trees and grow in sandy loam with thick soil and loose structure. However, almond trees in our area are mainly distributed in mountainous areas, and the soil is thin and has low fertility. Apricot soil improvement and field management in the fall are particularly important and directly affect the apricot yield.

First, fertilization

The fertilization methods in the garden mainly include soil fertilization and top dressing. The extra-root topdressing is usually in early spring and growing season, and soil fertilization is carried out in combination with deep turning in the fall, so it is better not to be late.

The first is the use of radial grooves, centered on the trunk, starting at 1/2 of the tree plate, digging 6-8 radial grooves outward, 30-50 cm deep, deep inside and outside shallow, and the length of the ditch exceeds the circumference of the canopy, and then in the ditch Fertilization.

The second is to use a ring groove, 40-70 cm around the perimeter of the canopy projection, dig an annular groove, 40-50 cm deep, and apply the fertilizer to the trenches.

The third is the use of ribbon gutters, this method is mostly used in larger orchards, in the periphery of the crown projection, can be used to mechanically open the ditch, depth 40-50 cm, the fertilizer applied to people buried in the ditch.

Second, irrigation

Apricot trees do not require much water, and the young trees are usually 4-5 times a year. Spring irrigation is required before sprouting to increase spring water use efficiency, reduce soil temperature, delay germination and flowering of apricot trees, and avoid early spring frost damage; pre-winter irrigation before winter freezing can ensure good growth of apricot roots in winter and spring, and significant Improve the cold resistance of flower buds.

Third, shaping and trimming

1. Shaping

In the mountainous area, multiple main plexiform shapes are adopted, and the result is a direct result of the formation of the branch group on the trunk. The formation is quick and the result is early. Through many years of introduction and cultivation, the canopy naturally grows as a round-headed evacuation shape, easy to plasticize, small amount of pruning, rapid formation, early results, dry height of about 60 cm, the whole tree choose to leave 5-6 main branches, the main branches of Shanghai 40-60 cm, choose to leave one lateral branch, leaving 2-3 lateral branches for each main branch.

2. Trim

In addition to the first and second years of sapling pruning, the long and short branches of the saplings are cut, and the long branches in the middle are not cut. The main extension branches must be cut about one third every year. The strong branches can be recut to promote the second and third. After the branches are released. Pay attention to reasonable load during pruning period, increase flowering branch, short fruit branch and bouquet-like fruit without cutting. The dense and short-cut middle and short branches may be thinned according to the principle of weakening and retaining strong, and three sets of branch groups may also be used for pruning to avoid Size year. Trimmed oily wound anti-corrosion film protects wound healing.

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