How does Chinese beer labeling machine occupy the international market?

China is a big beer producer. The total beer production and sales has been in the world for three consecutive years. It is an indisputable fact that the double-digit growth rate is maintained every year. This growth rate is expected to continue for a period of time. Of course, the competition in the beer consumption market is also fierce. It may not be too much to describe it with tragic. In fact, this kind of competition is a kind of all-round and diversified competition. Excluding other factors, in terms of outer packaging, its advantages and disadvantages sometimes play a role in determining success or failure. This has been recognized by policy makers in this industry. The key equipment is the labeling machine to improve the quality and appearance of the packaging. The quality of the product's appearance will directly affect people's choices. Therefore, the beer production enterprises are very cautious in the selection of the labeling machine, and they are taken care of in the use, and they do not hesitate to invest in manpower, material resources and financial resources.
Although the Chinese labeling machine has squeezed out most of its foreign products into the “national gate” in just three years, it has established a dominant position in the domestic market, but it still has no place in the international market. The reasons are as follows: 1. Lack of core technology, or core technology is not enough, the stability of product quality is not improved, and there is still a gap with international* products. 2. The product variety is single, lacking series of products, such as sleeve labeling machine, hot melt adhesive labeling machine, self-adhesive labeling machine, etc. These products are even in the "2006 China International Beer, Beverage Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition" Seeing the first and second, it is basically a product of "takenism", especially in the high-speed field. In summary, if the domestic labeling machine wants to fully occupy the domestic beer and beverage demand market, enter the international market, and improve international competitiveness, it should work hard on the “quality” and “quantity”, in the stability of the product, Work hard on reliability and practicality, and work hard to discover your core technology and independent innovation.

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