How the vortex mixer works and the guide to purchase

Working principle and use :

The vortex mixer uses eccentric rotation to vortex a liquid in a container such as a test tube, thereby achieving the purpose of sufficiently mixing the solution. The instrument features fast mixing, thorough, and liquid swirling. It can mix all the test liquids attached to the tube wall. It is suitable for general mixing of liquids in normal test tubes, beakers, flasks, liquid separation and funnels. Dissolved drugs such as erythromycin, dyeing solution, etc. are also easy to mix, the effect is remarkable, the mixed liquid does not need electric stirring and magnetic stirring, so the mixed liquid is not affected by external pollution and magnetic field. Therefore, as a powerful auxiliary tool for laboratory analysis, it is widely used in laboratories and laboratories of various universities, scientific research and production enterprises such as environmental monitoring, medical and health, petrochemical, food, metallurgy, etc. for mixing and extraction. Use; for biological, biochemical, cell, strain and other samples for shaking culture.

Instructions for use:

1. Before using the instrument, first set the speed control knob to the minimum position and turn off the power switch.
2. When loading the container bottle, in order to make the balance performance of the instrument work well and avoid large vibration, all the test bottles should be evenly distributed when bottling, and the liquid volume of each bottle should be approximately equal. If the number of containers is insufficient, the test bottles can be placed symmetrically or filled with other equal amounts of solution.
3. Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on, slowly adjust the speed control knob to rise to the desired speed.

Buying guide:

At present, manufacturers of vortex mixers are everywhere, and the sales of vortex mixers are more numerous. The quality of vortex mixers on the market is naturally chaotic. It is easy to purchase an economical vortex mixer. It's not easy! In fact, as long as we first determine the general performance of the required vortex mixer according to the needs, select the basic style, and then on this basis to compare the specific performance and price of the same style of machine to choose, the problem will be solved!

First of all, let's take a look at the market situation of various brands at home and abroad. Foreign brands include Germany IKA, American Scientific Industries (SI), British Stirling STUART, Germany Eppendorf, Germany BEOCO, Korea FINEPCR, Germany Hydolf Heidolph, Germany WIGGEN HAUSER, US Colmarmer Cole-Parmer The United States LABNET, Japan ASONE, Japan LMS, Italy VELP, etc., through market research, Germany IKA has the best reputation, the demand is also very large, especially the universal vortex mixer MS2, using high-speed DC motor, microcomputer-type speed Feedback control method, whether it is low speed or high speed, can perform strong oscillation and agitation, and has multi-platform function . It is widely used in the mixing and mixing of various small containers such as test tubes, centrifuge tubes, beakers and microtiter plates, so it is very popular. The brand's products are also very good in performance and high in technology. The market price of this model is around 23,000 yuan. Among the similar foreign brands, the American Scientific Industries (SI) and the British Stirling STUART brand are both popular and ideal. Of course, the prices of imported products are relatively high, generally ranging from 0.12 million to 32,000.

In China, there are many brands of vortex mixers, such as Jiangsu Qilin, Jiangsu Jintan, Jiangsu Taicang Hualida, Shanghai Qi Te, Shanghai Huxi, Jiangsu Kangjian, Jiangyan Tianli Medical Devices, Ningbo Xinzhi, Shanghai Qiangyun Shanghai Medical University Instruments, Shanghai Youpu, Shenzhen Jingmei, Shenyang Gloria Instruments, Tianjin Hengao, Tianjin Pharmacopoeia Standard Instruments, Beijing Beike, Beijing Oriental Instrument City, etc. Among the domestic brands, Jiangsu Kirin is the most well-known product in China, with diverse styles and a large choice. In addition, Jiangsu Taicang Hualida, Shanghai Qi Te, Shanghai Huxi is also a relatively popular domestic brand. Domestic vortex mixers are relatively cheap, ranging from 300 yuan to 9600 yuan, and are relatively easy to maintain. In terms of value and quality, these domestic brands are undoubtedly the ideal choice for mass-market buyers who demand high quality and low prices.

The rotational speed of the vortex mixer is the customer's preferred indicator. It directly determines the mixing effect, but it is not the main factor determining the price of the instrument. With the continuous advancement of technology, the rotational speed of the vortex mixer on the market can generally reach 1500-3000 rpm. Points, basically can meet the general mixing requirements, the price difference is more caused by the extended function of the instrument, and the work table (bowl type and flat type), working mode (continuous, touch, speed) vibration mode (reciprocating, horizontal circumferential), main material (recast aluminum, galvanized cast iron, sub-cast aluminum alloy; reinforced plastic, flame retardant ABS material), amplitude (4.5 mm, 6 mm) speed display (scale, LED linear The difference shown in the figure also determines the quality and price of the product.

Quiet mixers, circumferential mixers, mini/mini/mini mixers, medical mixers, automatic vortex mixers, multi-purpose vortex mixers, universal vortexes, depending on technical parameters, special functions and expansion of different applications With these styles of mixers, customers can choose the right style according to their specific needs.

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