How to determine the authenticity of agricultural machinery commonly used spare parts

1. Tires

Both sides of the qualified tires have logos, models, specifications, layers and cord materials, and they are clear and eye-catching. Some of them also have production numbers and covered inspection seals. The inner surface of the tires should be bright and bright. Holds elasticity. If the surface of the tire is incomplete or fuzzy, the inner tube is dull, the carcass is thin and the thickness is uneven, and the hand is inelastic, it is a defective product.

2. Threaded parts

The appearance of qualified products shall be smooth, non-corrosive, non-defective, with continuous screw-loading, no burrs, and no cracks. The test piece and the standard fittings are screwed together, should be able to be screwed to the terminal, and there is no seizure phenomenon during the precession process; after the splice, the connecting piece should be free from shaking and impact sound, if the screw part has rust, Defects such as cracks, burrs, etc., will be shaken when the coupling is pulled after screwing.

3. gear

Qualified gear packaging should be in good condition. The tooth surface should be smooth with no cutting marks, no burrs, and coated with rust-proof oil (or waxing). The side of the gears is generally code-named; the face of the gear with the hacksaw cutting gear should be No scratches or only thin scratches. If the gear surface has burrs, cuts, rust, crumbs and scratches (defective hardness), the quality is poor.

4, bearing

Qualified ball bearings are made of high-quality bearing steel. The inner and outer rings and cages should be bright as a mirror after wiping off rust-proof oil. When touched, they should be smooth and delicate like glass. The outer ring end face should be engraved with the code name and origin. And the date of manufacture, etc., are clearly visible; the rivets between the holders should be evenly riveted, and the rivet heads should not be deflected. Support the inner ring by hand and the outer ring by another hand. The outer ring should be able to rotate quickly and then gradually stop. Mark the outer ring. When each stop, the stop position of the mark should be different. Live inside and outside the ring, so that they do relative movement in the radial and axial, should be no sense of clearance, larger bearings can feel the gap, but there should be no metal impact sound. After completion of the above inspection and decision to purchase, hardness testing may be performed (with the merchant first agreed upon, if the hardness does not meet the requirements of the return): the use of boring knife or hacksaw to cut or scratch the outer ring and inner ring of the bearing should be Gives a "gurgling" sound with no swarf, no scratches or only insignificant fines. If the bearing signs are vague, the appearance is dull, there is a gap, the outer ring rotates at the same position, there are crumbs or scratches on the scratches, and the cage has rust stains, indicating that the bearing quality is unqualified.

5. Oil seal

Qualified rubber seal surface should be smooth, no defect deformation, the side of the code, specifications and manufacturer logo, the entire circumference of the oil seal on the edge shape, thickness should be consistent, and the fittings when installed, the cutting edge on the journal Should be closely attached; with the framework of the oil seal shape should be correct, the end face is round, with flat glass surface can be no flex; no skeleton oil seal outer edge should be upright, hand to make it deform, after loosening can restore the original; Spring seal spring should be no rust, no deformation, the spring tightly closed in the lip without relaxation, if the oil seal has irregular shape, defect, elasticity, uneven thickness of the lip, spring corrosion and other phenomena, indicating that the quality is not qualified.

6. V band

The qualified V-belt surface is smooth and the joints are glued seamlessly. On the outer circumference there are clear logos, specifications, manufacturer's names, etc. The length of the same type of V-belt should be the same. If the appearance of the V-belt is rough, the joints are not even or open, the edges of the joints are exposed, there are no signs or the signs are blurred, and the lengths of the V-belts are different, indicating that they are fake and inferior.

7. V pulley

The surface of the qualified V-belt wheel is free of air holes, cracks, and smooth grooves. When the V-belt buckles the groove, the V-belt is slightly higher than the notch and the bottom of the V-belt is not contacted with the bottom of the groove. If a defect such as a wheel groove is found, the groove surface If the shape is not matched with the qualified V-belt, it is inferior.

8. Chain

The commodity chains are coated with anti-rust oil with certificate of conformity; the connection plates are smooth, free of burrs and black, and the rivets at both ends of the pin are evenly distributed, and some of the connecting plates are printed with a brand. Put the chain on the glass plate (pin axis is vertical), slowly lift the middle of the chain with two fingers, when the two ends of the chain begin to leave the glass surface, stop lifting, then the middle of the chain should be less than 10mm from the glass plate. Otherwise, the gap is too large.

9. Piston ring

The surface of the qualified parts is fine and smooth, no manufacturing defects, no distortion, and good elasticity; when the edges of the piston ring are marked with the broken part of the steel strip, the edges and corners of the rings are not damaged. If the piston ring is inelastic, the surface is rough, and the corners are damaged, the piston ring is of poor quality.

10. Filter

Qualified filter paper filter pore gap between 0.04-0.08mm, filter paper arranged in an orderly manner, hard and firm, no distortion after oil absorption; filter core tube material is high quality steel, the above mesh size is moderate, obtained From the oil pressure, not easily deformed. If the filter paper is soft, the packing is disordered, the mesh size is different, and the filter paper is not connected to the upper and lower receiving plates, indicating poor quality.

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