How to Find Lamb Ewes for Newborn Lambs

In the production of sheep, there are often some ewes who produce 2 to 3 lambs or a ewes produce less milk after lambing and are not enough for lambs to eat; some ewes die after lambing and leave solitary lambs. The ewes who find milk for the lambs are the “nanny” sheep.

The "nanny" sheep is best to choose a ewes whose postpartum lambs have died and enough milk as nannies. This option can prevent mutton from causing mastitis due to breast swelling. In addition, ewes that produce single lambs but have high lactation performance can be selected as nanny sheep.

When choosing “nanny sheep”, it should be noted that the number of lambs born after the date of sending the lambs to be nursed is as close as possible to the number of lambs born to the “baby sheep”, preferably not exceeding three days before and after. When the “Baby Sheep” recognizes their lambs by the smell of the lambs, and does not allow the surrogate lambs to eat their own milk, the nanny or udder of the nanny can be coated on the surrogate lamb in advance, or on behalf of the mother. The lambs born to lambs and nannies are all smeared with the same odor at the same time, for example, Sulai children, so that the nanny sheep does not identify its own lamb. In addition, strong lambs should be selected for delivery among the lambs of one lamb and the weak lambs should be left to feed their ewes. Generally, the lambs should be eaten by the ewe's colostrum and then sent to the “nanny sheep”, which will help increase the disease resistance of the lamb.

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