How to raise pigs to save feed

First, timely cutting: feeding the male and female pigs in time after cutting, can shorten the fattening period of 30 days, saving 10% of feed.

Second, loose and change the captive: Confinement pigs consume less energy, easy to grow meat, can save 10% -15% of feed.

Third, warm winter ground temperature: When the weather is cold, use plastic greenhouse and indoor ground mats and other methods to increase the temperature of piggery to reduce pig energy consumption. It is estimated that, when the temperature is 3°C, grass can save 350kg of feed per 500kg of weight gain compared to not growing grass.

Fourth, feed with ingredients: If a single corn feed pigs, each weight gain of 500 kilograms, about 2750 kilograms of corn or so; and with different stages of feeding materials to the pigs, can save 1000 kg fine material.

Fifth, timely slaughter: After the pig grows to 100 kilograms, the general growth is slow, and it should be slaughtered to 90 kilograms.

Six, pay attention to disease prevention: every 15 days - 30 days to the pig activities to spray disinfection drugs, can save 12% of feed.

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