Improper drinking water also suffers from cancer

The main culprit in lurking in tap water is the trihalomethanes, including the four chlorides of trichloromethane, dichlorobromomethane, trichloromethane, and tribromomethane. Trihalomethanes are products of chlorine used for disinfection and sterilization in water purification plants, and interact with organic matters such as food wastes and plankton. With the deterioration of water quality, the amount of chlorine in tap water is also increasing day by day. It is the main role of the manufacture of carcinogens.

One, not open water - bladder cancer, rectal cancer

Experts pointed out that drinking unboiled water increases the risk of bladder cancer and rectal cancer by 21%-38%. When the water temperature reaches 100°C, these two kinds of harmful substances will be greatly reduced as the vapor evaporates. If it continues to boil for 3 minutes, it is safe to drink.

Second, thousands of boiling water - diarrhea, bloating, coma and convulsions

Thousands of boiling water is the water that has boiled on the stove for one night or for a long time, and the water boiled repeatedly in an electric water heater. This water is boiled for too long, the non-volatile substances in water, such as calcium, magnesium and other heavy metal components and nitrite content is high. If you drink this water for a long time, it will interfere with people's gastrointestinal function, temporary diarrhea, abdominal distension; toxic nitrite will also cause the body to hypoxia, severe cases will be coma convulsions, and even death.

Third, steamer water - premature aging, cancer

The steamer water is steamed, steamed, and the like, and the nitrite concentration in the steamer used repeatedly is high. Often drinking this kind of water, or using this kind of water glutinous rice porridge, can cause nitrite poisoning; scale often enters the body with water, but also cause digestive, nervous, urinary and hematopoietic system disease, and even cause premature aging, cancer.

Fourth, aging water - esophageal cancer, gastric cancer

Commonly referred to as "dead water", that is, long-term storage of immobile water. Often drinking this kind of water, the minor will cause the cell metabolism to slow down significantly, affecting physical development; the elderly will accelerate the decline; many old places esophageal cancer, gastric cancer incidence is increasing, may be related to long-term consumption of aging water. Toxic substances in aged water also increase as the water storage time increases.

How to reduce carcinogens in tap water?

In order to reduce the harm to the human body from carcinogens in tap water, active prevention measures should be taken: individuals and families should not drink raw tap water; place water in containers in advance, and wait until the trihalomethanes are volatilized for a period of time; try not to use synthetic washing. Agent.

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