Lamb feeding anemia prevention and control method

Prevention: (1) feed nutrition should be comprehensive, according to the normal amount of additional iron and other trace elements, or feeding deep pollution-free red clay, can prevent iron deficiency anemia. (2) Use 4.5 grams of ferrous sulfate, 7.5 grams of copper sulfate, 45 grams of sugar, add 2 ml of water, and mix it between the two meals to facilitate the absorption of iron, but not at the same time as the milk. Hello, because of the high phosphorus content in milk, it affects iron absorption. (3) with 0 percent. 1 Sodium selenite injection 2 to 4 ml, subcutaneously, once daily for 1 week. (4) Vitamin B12 supplementation, 5 to 10 ml each time, intramuscular injection, 1 to 2 injections at intervals of 3 days; Vitamin C supplementation, 50 to 100 mg each time, 3 times daily; Folic acid supplementation, 15 to 20 mg each time , 3 times a day.

Treatment: (1) iron treatment. Intramuscular injection of iron, selenium and cobalt preparations was given to the diseased sheep for several days. You can also feed ferrous sulfate pills, 10 to 20 tablets each time, once daily for several days. (2) Chinese medicine therapy. Can be used Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Divine Comedy, Magnolia, Hawthorn, Poria, Rehmannia each 30 grams, once decoction. Or use Angelica 50 grams, red ginseng 5 grams, 25 grams Atractylodes, habitat 25 grams, once decoction. Can also be used 50 grams of Millettia, Shuijianbi, 1 day. (3) diet therapy. Feed foods with high iron content as soon as possible. You can feed cooked egg yolks and start feeding half an egg yolk every day, gradually increasing to 1 and feeding the whole egg or soy milk later. Big lambs can be fed with wild herbs, green grass, soy milk, and animal livers. After the lamb comes into contact with the topsoil, there is no need to make up. (4) due to therapy. Anemia caused by aphids and hookworms should be treated with insecticide. Anemia caused by diseases such as chronic hepatitis or nephritis should be treated as routine treatment.

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