Lotus root planting technology Thailand flower Qilian variety introduction

Thai flower Qilian is a kind of high-yield lotus root in China. The field output is normally about 7000-9000 pounds, and the output of intensive cultivated fields can reach more than 10,000 pounds. Thailand's Hualien is unique in its flowers, leaves, and lotus roots. The flower Qilian is bigger and brighter than the ordinary lotus flower, and its ornamental value is high. The leaves are nearly twice as large as the ordinary lotus leaves, and the diameter of the leaf surface is 80-100 cm. The lotus stem is thick and strong, and the yield is stable. Thai flower Qilian is very large, white, the main gong 4-6 section, about 1.5-2.3 meters long, taste crisp, slightly sweet, no slag, no astringent, like fruit flavor, high starch content, good market prospects.
Thailand's Hualien has simple management and high planting efficiency. It is a preferred variety for the farmers' friends lotus cultivation.

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