Making of melon jam

1? Preparation: 10 kg of watermelon rind, 15 kg of sucrose, 1.5 kg of starch syrup, 100 g of agar, and 70 g of citric acid. 2? Raw material pretreatment: Wash the watermelon rind, cut off the surface skin and the inner layer of melon and scoop, then cut into pieces, placed in a mincer to grind, to get fine-grained melon flesh. 3? The first candied: first sucrose into a concentration of about 70% of the concentrated sugar solution, take half into the pot, then add the minced melon skin, mix well, boil 15-20 minutes. 4. The second candied: the remaining sugar and starch syrup together, boiled to the melon skin soluble solids up to about 65%, add the previously dissolved agar, continue to boil for 10-15 minutes, When the soluble solids reach about 70%, they can be panned. 5? Yi Yao: After the sauce pan is hot, it is put into the swirling glass bottle and tightened tightly. 6? Sterilization: The bottle of sauce into the hot water about 90 °C soak for 15 minutes to sterilize, after completion is placed in 60 °C, 40 °C hot water in the classification cooling, after cooling is completed, the bottle of finished melon jam .

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Migraine Ice Cap

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