Matters needing attention for strengthening biogas safety management

In recent years, with the strong support of government departments at all levels, the construction of biogas in the county has developed rapidly. However, due to various reasons, there are different degrees of safety protection devices in the process of design and construction of biogas construction in our county. Extensive, safety protection work is not standardized and other issues. In order to strengthen the safe operation management, eliminate potential safety hazards, eliminate safety accidents, protect human health and safety of life and property, I hope all biogas users and biogas technicians should pay attention to the following matters:
First, strengthen the biogas project construction planning requirements.
Household biogas digesters and large and medium-sized biogas projects must be implemented in accordance with the regulations of “Peng Nong Energy (2003) 425”, “CB7636-87”, and “CB8676-87”. All construction and design agencies must apply for relevant qualifications to relevant departments for construction. Personnel must hold professional qualification certificates issued by the Ministry of Labor and Personnel and the Ministry of Agriculture, and sign contracts with the owners to ensure project quality and construction safety.
Second, enhance safety awareness. The main components of biogas are methane, carbon dioxide, and a small amount of hydrogen sulfide gas. When the biogas concentration exceeds 0.02%, it can cause headaches, fatigue, blindness, and gastro-intestinal diseases. There is almost no oxygen in the biogas digester, plus the carbon dioxide concentration is as high as 25%. If the person enters, it will immediately suffocate poisoning and death, so safety precautions should be taken when entering the pool. First use a small animal experiment to confirm safety before entering the pool.
Third, establish a safe use of gas concept. No flammable or explosive materials can be stacked on the main gas pipeline. Heavy trucks cannot be used. Always observe the pressure gauge. When the pressure in the tank is too large, it will not only affect the gas production, but may even wash away the tank cover. If the pool cover is washed away, the nearby pyrotechnics should be extinguished immediately to avoid fire. Observe the changes on the pressure gauge at any time during feeding and discharging. If the pressure is too high during feeding, the air pipe should be opened and the feeding speed should be slowed down. If there is negative pressure on the pressure gauge during discharge, the gas should be temporarily stopped and the discharge rate should be slowed down. When the gas storage facility needs to be vented for any reason, it should be released intermittently. The stored biogas must be discharged into the atmosphere at one time. When emptying, attention should be paid to weather, and it is forbidden to vent gas when there is a possibility of thunderstorm or lightning. Open fire or heat source.
Fourth, develop the habit of regular inspections. Biogas digesters must regularly inspect facilities to avoid leakage of water and gas. Problems should be repaired if problems are found.
5. Large and medium-sized biogas digesters shall formulate emergency contingency plans for accidents such as fires, flammable gas leaks, explosions, and natural disasters under the guidance of design agencies, and be equipped with fire extinguishers and fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment and safety protectors.

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