Milk yak breeding and management technology

First, feeding three times 1, timing. Feeding should be done for a fixed number of times to increase appetite and digestion in calves. Less than the first 2 weeks of feeding Tim, feeding 4 times a day; 3-5 on the 3rd feeding; after 6 weeks, fed 2 times a day. 2, quantitative. Food should be reasonably fed according to the feeding program standard. For the first 2 weeks, the yak should be half-starved and must not be over-eating, otherwise it is easy to cause calf squatting. Feeding about one-tenth of the body weight of a yak every day for 2 weeks keeps them appetizing, without affecting their health. On 3-4 Sundays, the amount of milk fed is 1/8 of its body weight, 5-6 weeks of age is 1/9 of its body weight, and after 7 weeks of age, it is 1/10 of body weight or gradually weaned. Each feeding should be 1/4-1/2 clean warm water in fresh milk. 3, fixed temperature. If the diet is too cold, it will stimulate the gastrointestinal motility of calves to accelerate diarrhea; if the diet is too hot, it can make the mucous membranes of the digestive tract of the yak to be congested and inflamed, which can easily cause intestinal inflammation. It is generally best to stay at 38-40°C. Second, the operation should be fine three, fine care. It is best to keep the yak in a single column and keep the temperature of the cowhouse at -10 to 30°C. Keepers should be fixed to reduce stress effects. 2, fine feed. After the yak is born, it is necessary to use a rubberized milk jug first, and then cut a crisscross crepe at the top of the pacifier. When the calf sucks, the milk will flow into the rumen. And because the breast pumping speed is slow, it can be evenly mixed with the digestive juice, and the coagulation to the rumen coagulation is soft and conducive to digestion. After 1 week of age, the yak will teach him to get used to eating milk substitutes. The method is: to feed the yak mouth a little feed surface, or before the yak will eat milk, to sprinkle some material surface in the milk tank, so that they forage, this can promote the yak early intake of concentrate, there is Assist early weaning to achieve the transition from animal feed to vegetable feed. 2-3 weeks old or slightly earlier, to guide the yak to drink milk with a milk bucket. For yaks who will not have milk in the milk tank, the breeder can use the index finger and middle finger to reach into the milk bucket. The gap between the two fingers is divided into a gap. After the cow can continuously suck the milk from this space, slowly pull out the finger and avoid brutality. Give calves milk or medicine. After 3 weeks of age, give calves some quality hay or grass and let them feed freely. 3, thin tube. After the calf is born, it is necessary to promptly fill in the number, birth weight, pedigree source, cow delivery time, and whether there is abnormality. After 7 days, go to the corner, the latest can not be more than two weeks. The density of cattle beds should be reasonable, with each yak accounting for 3 square meters and 4 square meters after 4 months of age. Frequent disinfection, winter once a month, summer 10 times a day. Third, sanitation should be three net 1, feed net. Yak feed must not become mildewed, freeze ice, and must not contain impurities such as iron wire, nails, cow hair, feces, and wood chips. Summer temperatures are high, and the feed should not be stored for too long after being mixed with water. 2. The car body is clean. Ensure that calves are not contaminated with muddy water and feces and reduce disease. Brush 1-2 times a day. 3, tool net. When breast-feeding artificially, the milk and feeding tools must pay attention to hygiene. Every time the used milking equipment, feeding troughs, drinking troughs, etc. must be washed clean and regularly sterilized.

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