Non-pollution Banana Production Allowed Fertilizer Types

1, organic fertilizer

(1) Compost: It is made up of all kinds of straw, fallen leaves, and human and animal manure.

(2) Manure: The compost material is fermented under flooding conditions.

(3) Compost: The excrement of pigs, sheep, cows, chickens, ducks and other livestock will be piled up with straw litter.

(4) Green manure: cultivated or wild green plants are used as fertilizers.

(5) Biogas fertilizer: Biogas liquid or residue.

(6) Straw: Crop straw.

(7) Mud fertilizer: uncontaminated river mud, pond mud, ditch mud, etc.

(8) Cake fat: rapeseed cake, cottonseed cake, sesame cake, tea seed cake, peanut cake, bean cake, etc.

(9) Ash fertilizer: grass ash, charcoal, straw ash, ash, etc.

2, commodity fertilizer

(1) Commodity organic fertilizer: It is produced by processing biological substances, animal and plant residues, excreta, and waste materials.

(2) Humic acid fertilizers: fertilizers containing humic acids such as sugar cane sludge and peat soil, and amino acids such as cyclic amino acids.

(3) Microbial fertilizer: Rhizobium fertilizer: rhizobia capable of forming root nodules on legumes. 2 Azotobacter fertilizers: Fertilizers containing their own nitrogen-fixing bacteria and combined nitrogen-fixing agents. 3 Phosphorus Bacterial Fertilizers: Fertilizers containing phosphorus bacteria, phosphate-solubilizing fungi, and mycorrhizal fungi. 4 Silicate bacterial fertilizer: Contains silicate bacteria, other potassium-releasing microbial agents. 5 Compound microbial fertilizers: microbial preparations containing more than 2 kinds of beneficial microorganisms that do not interfere with each other.

(4)Organic-inorganic compound fertilizer: It is made by adding manure, manure, and other trace elements such as manganese, zinc, and boron to a fertilizer composed of organic matter and a small amount of inorganic matter.

(5) Inorganic fertilizer: 1 Nitrogen fertilizer: urea, ammonium chloride. 2 Phosphate fertilizer: superphosphate, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, phosphate rock powder. 3 Potassium: Potassium chloride, potassium sulfate. 4 calcium fertilizer: quicklime, limestone, dolomite powder. 5 magnesium fertilizer: calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer. 6 compound fertilizer: binary, ternary compound fertilizer.

(6) Foliar Fertilizer (Growth Assist): Available from Qingfeng, Brassolin, Wandefu, Lvfengbao, Duoxinzu, Gaim Harvest, Shierde, Yunda 120, 2116, Opal, Gao Mei Shi, Hui Man Fung and so on.

3, trace elements

Contains trace elements such as copper, iron, manganese, zinc, boron, molybdenum, and fertilizers such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate, urea, and potassium chloride.

4, other fertilizers

(1) Sea fat: Fish residue, shrimp residue, shellfish, etc. without preservatives.

(2) Animal miscellaneous fertilizers: cattle wool waste, bone meal, livestock processing waste, etc. without preservatives.

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