Oil can also save people by killing people

The evolutionary history of oil

Prior to the Second World War, American nutritionists found that animal fats such as butter and lard were more nutritious than soybean oil and began encouraging people to eat. As a result, during the Second World War, the US military participated in the Vietnam War and the Korean War was a disastrous defeat. Nutritionists found that one of the reasons for the defeat was that the Americans had too much fat in their body, which could easily lead to obesity, blood vessel blockage, physical decline, and inability to cope with the need for a lot of physical strength. Flexible jungle war. At this time, experts began to appeal to the people to reduce the consumption of animal fats and eat vegetable oils.

However, vegetable oils are not easy to preserve. Therefore, Americans invented artificial vegetable hydrogenated oils and used vegetable oils to make hydrogenated vegetable butter. The 'trans fats' are non-perishable, have low production costs, and have a savory texture comparable to that of animal oils. Widely accepted by the people, since then, it has been used throughout the world and is used in food cooking. It is not enough to make biscuits, butter, cakes and other foods.

Thirty years later, scientists discovered that hydrogenated oil was not a 'pseudo-oil' and could not be decomposed by the body and could not be metabolized. It could only remain in the body and accumulate on cells or blood vessel walls to become human obesity and cardiovascular diseases. The biggest cause. Even in the United States, where hydrogenated oil originates, some states have completely banned the use of hydrogenated oils. In Taiwan, standards have also been set to persuade the public that daily consumption of hydrogenated oil (or refined vegetable oil, margarine, trans fat or malarin) should not exceed two grams, or there will be three high risks that will affect health.

The latest healthy oil concept

● Select:

1. oil that does not produce soot.

2. Cold pressure oil that is not subjected to high temperature and high pressure treatment.

3. Organically produced oil.

● Do not choose:

1. Hydrogenated oil: trans fat, milk malin.

2. Spent oil: The oil that has been oxidized for long periods of time.

3. Counter-oil: Reused or already smelly oil.

4. Refined oil: Over processed oil to remove impurities and impurities.

Home cooking oil is divided into three categories

1. Low-temperature cooking oil: When cooking, steaming, boiling, frying, etc., the temperature does not exceed the smoking point of cooking, choose unsaturated fatty acids. And remember that these oils must not be cooked at high temperatures to avoid carcinogens.

2. High-temperature cooking oil: When high-temperature frying is required, saturated fatty acids are used, which can be repeatedly used without causing carcinogens.

3. Health supplement oil: supplement nutritive food of health oil timely. Modern people generally lack n-3 unsaturated fatty acids, such as linseed oil and fish oil.

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