Pork pine production method

Pork pine has a rich aroma and delicious taste. It is soft, crisp, low in cholesterol, and high in protein. It is suitable for all ages. The manufacturing method is:
l, the choice of fresh pork hind leg, the pure lean meat cut into strips of about 10 cm long, washed drained and set aside.
2. Ingredients for Fujian Rousong: Ingredients: 50 kg of lean pork, 9 kg of white soy sauce, 3.2 kg of granulated sugar, 3.2 kg of red moromi, l.5-2.5 kg of dried shrimp, and 0.3-0.35 kg of net lard . Taicang Floss Ingredients: 45 kg of lean pork, 5 kg of sugar, 3.15 kg of white soy sauce, 0.75 kg of salt, 0.15 kg of ginger, and 75 g of MSG.
3. Make the embryo into lard in a wok, bake it with red fat, add soy sauce and appropriate amount of water, and cook for 20 minutes with simmer to slag and froth. The smashed meat will be smashed and the firepower should be moderate, otherwise the residue will not be easy to make the meat loose. It has been simmered until the pan has dried, and when it is simmered, it is constantly flipped with a spatula and the meat is squeezed to gradually dry the water until the meat fiber becomes loose.
4. The fried pinemeal embryo is placed in a pan and quickly cooked until the meat is 50 percent dry. After the wine, grains, monosodium glutamate, and sugar are melted, they are poured into a pan, heated by a gentle fire, and baked gently with slow fire. Until the pot around to make fine minced meat, rubbed by hand to feel fiber elastic, no sense of moisture, generally reach a semi-dry can clean up. Then shake the flesh to make the fiber fluffy and pick up the condensed meat. Separately use lard to heat and melt into a fluid and pour it into the pot. Continue to fry until it is completely fluffy. Avoid fire when fried to prevent baking coke, especially after adding sugar to pay attention to, after the fried pine dry 4-5 days after packing.

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