Prevent the harm of vegetable pests and diseases

Prevent the harm of vegetable pests and diseases

First, the degree of occurrence is estimated to be 3-4 in the occurrence degree of cotton bollworm, diamondback moth, and eggplant.

Second, the main basis 1, according to the site survey, Pepper Helicoverpa armigera strains up to 90%, 100 strains of 180 insects, cabbage pest moth strain rate of 43%, 100 strains of 168 insects, one hundred eggs 220 strains, eggplant cotton disease disease rate of 89%, diseased leaf rate of 9.3%, disease rate of 1.5%. 2. After entering the rainy season, the amount of rainfall has increased and the relative humidity increases, which is conducive to the occurrence and harm of vegetable pests and diseases.

Third, prevention and control measures

1, cotton bollworm: 11% Emamectin benzoic acid EC 3000-4000 times solution. 216000IU/ml Bacillus thuringiensis WP 800-1000 times

2. Plutella xylostella: 115% Indoxacarb suspension 2000-3000 times solution. 25% Chlorella Benzoamide (Dupont) 1000 times. 35% flufenicil EC 2000-3000 times.

3, Mianbing disease: 1 cream urinary zinc zinc WP 600-800 times liquid. 225% metalaxyl WP 600-800 times. (Hubei Dangyang Agriculture 110 Zhu Liqing)

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