Prevention and treatment of selenium deficiency

Selenium deficiency has obvious regionality. The selenium-deficient geological environment causes selenium deficiency in humans and livestock. Especially in the autumn and rainy years, selenium in the surface soil is lost to rainwater, and herbivorous or omnivorous animals are the dominant species. It is difficult to obtain sufficient selenium from the plants. Cause selenium deficiency.

China's narrow strips from the northeast to the southwest are selenium-deficient areas, especially in the western part of Heilongjiang Province and Liangshan in Sichuan. The concentration of selenium in organ tissues of selenium-deficient animals is reduced. Under actual production conditions, hepatic necrosis may occur, or with muscular dystrophy, mulberry heart, and white muscle disease. Clinically, various animals have different performances, and they are all productive. Decline, reduced number of litters, infertility, movement disorders, mammals performance fetal clothing and so on. Selenium should be taken care of when keeping animals in selenium-deficient areas.

The quail omnivorous animals, under artificial rearing conditions, account for most of the proportion of plant-based feed in their diets. Heilongjiang Province has more eel farming and plant feeds are produced locally (selenium-depleted areas). Therefore, dietary trace elements selenium and vitamin E must be properly added.

1 Clinical manifestations

At the beginning of the disease, there are no obvious symptoms, and they are often overlooked. With the extension of time, after a few days, due to lack of long-term lack of appetite or loss of appetite, mental depression, hi and lying, hind limb activities are not flexible. Back arched, difficult to walk. When forced to exercise, the two forelimbs were crouching and the hind limbs were dragging the mantle forward, sometimes as dogs. As a result of prolonged malnutrition, the body is weakened until it fails to die. The disease mostly occurs during the rapid growth period of larvae, such as the lack of trace element selenium in the gestational diet, which will not die after licking (wood tongue disease).

2 necropsy changes

Skeletal muscle and myocardium degeneration, skeletal muscle dry, pale, opacity, rough cut surface, depression, necrosis, pale yellow or white, longissimus dorsi muscle, buttocks muscle expression is more obvious. Myocardial fat is reduced, the color is lighter, cloudy, lack luster, the ventricles are dilated, and the heart wall is thin and soft. Aberdeen tongue white.

3 Prevention measures

To feed the full-priced diet, pay attention to selenium and vitamin E supplements to prevent the occurrence of the disease.

Treatment method: Selenium was firstly supplemented and formulated into a sodium selenite solution having a concentration of 0.1% with physiological saline. Treatments below 5 months of age: intramuscular injection of 1.1 mg, oral dose of 2.0 mg; prophylactic dose: intramuscular injection of 1.0 ml, orally 1.5 ml. When selenium is supplemented, each muscle or subcutaneous injection of 5.0 to 10.0 mg of vitamin E solution per day will enhance the therapeutic effect.

Since the treatment amount of sodium selenite is very close to the amount of poisoning, the amount of sodium selenite used is particularly careful. Commercially available sodium selenite-vitamin E injection can also be used. When using it, be sure to follow the instructions, or calculate the amount of sodium selenite to use after each dose to avoid selenium poisoning. Long-term ingestion of 5 to 10 mg/kg dietary selenium by various animals can produce chronic poisoning. Its manifestations are weight loss, blood graft, ankylosis, anti-hoofing (forearm, claw), hair removal and affecting reproduction. Ingestion of selenium at 500-1000mg/kg diet for one time may cause acute or subacute poisoning, light blind movement, and severe death.

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