Processing pigs

Roast piglets, Guangdong and Guangxi are called roast suckling pigs, and Guizhou is called roasting pigs. It has a long history of processing and processing pigs in China's coastal areas. Roasted suckling pigs are crisp, delicious and unique in flavor. It is deeply favored by people. Roasted suckling pigs have been introduced in hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong, Macao and other large and medium-sized cities in China.
(1) Selection of Raw Pigs Raw pigs from the barbecue should choose pigs in the provinces of Yunnan and Guangxi. Such as from Jiangxiang pig, Huanjiang Xiang pig and Bama Xiang pig. Local breed pigs from southern China can also be used. Choose a piglet that is about 45 days old and weighs 7 to 8 kilograms with good health, no scars on the skin, and a good body.
(2) slaughter and processing After the piglets have been bleeding from the neck of the pigs, they are depilated with warm water at 60°C, scrape off debris from the epidermis, and remove the internal organs. However, the kidneys may not be removed, and the skull and limb bones are removed and washed with clean water; Cut in the inner surface of the vertebrae (but not completely cut off) so that the pig body can be easily unfolded and open the water for barbecue.
(3) The required seasoning allspice, white wine, white vinegar, salt, spices (mixture of green onion, ginger, soy sauce and water), peanut oil, and white sugar.
(4) Production method Apply allspice powder and salt to various parts of the internal organs of piglets, and sprinkle white wine. Use small hemp ropes to fasten the four-foot flexion. The pig carcass tail is worn to the mandibular area with a bidentate iron fork, that is, it passes through the hind foot (through the inside of the hind foot, not through the cortex, so as not to drip on the barbecue) through the forefoot and then through the cheeks. Out. After that, the suckling pig was placed on a boiling water bath, and the spoon was filled with boiling water to permeate the pig body. The pig body gradually became hard and straight, and the meat was easy to cook when grilling. After the water on the body surface is dried, the body of the pig is plucked with white vinegar to make it dark red and bright and lovely. And use the leaves to wrap up the pig's ears and tail so as to avoid coke.
(5) Grilling method First, use special iron clevis to open the body cavity of the suckling piglet, so that the entire pig body is in a flat shape, placed on a stove built with bricks (charcoal fire is best), and electric baking oven is also available. bake. Bake the inner cavity surface with a slight fire (when Huowang drips too much) and bake it for 30 minutes. When the internal organs of the pig are slightly red, remove spices and place on the inner cavity surface. Re-bake for 15 minutes, add spices (variable times, depending on the degree of heat); re-bake for 20 minutes, add spices; re-bake for 40 minutes, add spices; re-bake for 10 minutes, when the body has been all pigs Soft cooked.

After the piglets are fully cooked, use a small brush to spread the peanut oil and white sugar over the back of the suckling pig carcasses, and then back the back of the suckling pigs, before, after, left, right, up and down, about 50 minutes. When the skin is crisp and red, tap the back with chopsticks and the sound is crisp.

This method of roasting on the surface of the yellow pig slender slick, weighing 3.2 to 3.5 kg.

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