Purchase not ignore product identification

Many agricultural machine users disregard agricultural product logos. In fact, logos are also an important part of agricultural products. It not only provides a scientific reference for you when choosing and using agricultural products, but also has a crucial role in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, businesses, and consumers. The important role.

The agricultural product identification refers to the collective name used to identify the brands, models, specifications, basic performance, weight, major technical indicators, characteristics, characteristics, and usage methods of agricultural products. Agricultural machinery product identification is the "identification card" of agricultural machinery, providing an important basis for the majority of agricultural users, agricultural machinery consumers to understand the quality of agricultural machinery products information, buy agricultural machinery products; agricultural machinery product identification prompts agricultural machinery operators safe, correct and standardized use Agricultural machinery products. Agricultural product logos are usually represented by texts, symbols, numbers, patterns, and other descriptions.

There are two main types of agricultural product identification: One is the content marked on the label of the agricultural product, and generally includes the product model, name, load capacity, production date, factory number, factory name, address, and telephone number.

The second is the safety warning sign for agricultural machinery products. Although the agricultural machinery product can basically meet the safety requirements through product design or adding a protective device at a dangerous location, due to the existence of forgotten risks in the product structure itself or the operator during operation, it is often necessary to mark the safety warning at the appropriate location. The main function of the sign is to remind people that there is danger or potential danger; to indicate danger; to describe the nature of the danger; to explain the consequences of the danger that may cause potential harm; and to indicate how people avoid danger. Safety signs are generally based on the relative severity of dangerous situations and are warned by three levels of sign words: danger, warning, and caution.

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