Several Problems to Be Noted When Using Fur Animal Material

The price is not as cheap as possible. The key is to absorb the utilization rate:

Because fur animals belong to meat-based omnivores. Therefore, the protein content in various feeds is relatively high, and a large amount of animal feed materials are particularly required. At present, some feed production plants on the market have seen that pig animal feed is relatively scarce, so they put pigs and chickens into packages and feed them directly. On the one hand, the protein content of this product is not enough; on the other hand, a lot of plant-based feed ingredients are used; Thirdly, the feed ingredients are generally simple raw materials and the feed pellets are relatively large.

When we use feed products, it is critical to consider how many pounds of feed we eat and how many useful products we can produce (indicated by different indicators in different periods of fur animals, the growth period is the length and weight of the body, winter hair is The quality of the test and the inspection of the hair; the reproductive period is the performance required for reproduction). This is the most important indicator for measuring a feed product. As the price of a product, it is only a value of the product quality.

When we purchase products in the future, we must pay attention to the use of the product, not the price of the product.

Suitable material for adding water:

In the course of our future feeding, we will gradually go abroad. There is no food dish but only a water dish. The high-grade stickers we have introduced to the market this year are also a popularization of research results.

Do not add too much water to the feed. After too much, it will dilute the concentration of digestive enzymes in the mouth, feed, and intestines, which is not conducive to the digestion and absorption of the feed. At the same time, since drinking water is cold water (usually only 20 degrees or less), pull The urine that comes out is more than 35 degrees. A lot of moisture enters the animal body and then discharges. It consumes a lot of energy, reduces the use of feed, and increases the cost of feeding.

In particular, high-grade stickers, adding too much water, to paste on the cage, dropped to the ground causing serious waste.

Can not be cooked again:

The raw materials produced by the regular fur animal professional feed mills are all processed through fine processing (including maturation of raw materials, fine powder of raw materials, protection of easily destroyed components, and coating). After you buy your home, you just need to follow instructions to use it. It is not necessary to put it in the pot to cook and steam. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the original ingredients in the feed.

Material paste situation:

The viscosity of the raw materials and the appearance of a paste are closely related to the type and fineness of the raw materials in the feed. Except for the strict requirements on the viscosity and gelatinization degree of the paste, other common materials do not need to emphasize this physical index. Of course, the greater the viscosity of the feed, the longer the time it takes to stay in the intestine, and the greater the absorption rate of the feed. There are no relevant reports on the specific values ​​of fur animals in this respect.

Mixing material with other products:

In the strict sense of the material, the full-priced compound feed for three fur animals. However, due to the differences in fur animal industry, the full-price compound feed and concentrated feed are generally called as raw materials.

There are many types of fur animals in the market, but the difference between the quality and the effect of using them is great. If it is the material of the regular manufacturers, we must use according to the manufacturer's book, rather than arbitrarily increase any raw materials (fish, meat, corn noodles, etc.) or additives (VC, VE, VB, etc.). If any of these ingredients are added at will, the original feed balance is destroyed and the desired use effect is not achieved.

friendly reminder:

1. Internationally, Minamata does not currently have full-priced feeds. At least about 15% of fresh fish or meat or fishmeal must be added.

2. According to the experience of the farmer's experiments, it is shown that the use of other brands of raw materials, together with the special pre-mixed products of the special phase of the special culture (currently should use the growth period), the effect will be simply used by other brands. The effect of the material is better. However, farmers who use medium and special feed materials cannot add special special premix products for special use, because we have already added them, and extra additions are lost due to absorption and utilization.

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