Significant effect of paclobutrazol on potato yield increase

Paclobutrazol is a plant growth regulator. It is widely used in crops such as rice, corn, rape, and so on. In the past two years, paclobutrazol has been used on potatoes to test, and the effect of increasing yield has also been achieved. Paclobutrazol applied to potatoes generally increased production by 25-30%, and significantly increased the large potato chips.

After paclobutrazol was applied to potato, the principle of increasing yield was that the growth of stems and leaves was inhibited, and it could be visually observed 5 days after application. The growth center turned to the growth of underground tubers, which enlarged the tuber and increased the yield. The application techniques are now described as follows:

1. Application method. With foliar spray, the liquid should be sprayed on the top of the stem when spraying, and the effect is better.

2, application time. It can be applied at 60-70% budding. Because the plants had basically been ridged during this period, stems and leaves grew more vigorously. If it is applied too early and the growth of stems and leaves is small, the effect of increasing yield is not obvious or the yield may be reduced; if it is applied too late, the effect is not great.

3, application concentration. 700-1500 times liquid can be used to control plant growth, reduce stem and leaf nutrient absorption, promote the accumulation of photosynthetic products to the tuber, promote tuber and tuber enlargement.

4, the amount of drug administration. With 15% paclobutrazol wettable powder at the above concentration of liquid for each mu 40-50 kg.

5, the number of applications. Applying once on potatoes can increase production. Because the effective period of spraying paclobutrazol can be maintained for about 30 days.

At present, the stems and leaves of the virus-free potatoes promoted are more vigorous and the effect of applying paclobutrazol to increase production is obvious. Therefore, paclobutrazol is applied to the production of potato and is worth promoting.
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