Six affordable foods to improve immunity

For our physical health, we must learn to improve immunity. How to improve immunity? From life, we can improve immunity from ordinary foods. Common foods that can improve immunity include mushrooms, cheese, yogurt, cherries, broccoli, and cabbage. The way to improve immunity is so simple. Try it!

1, mushrooms

The special substances contained in mushrooms convert to vitamin D, which is absorbed by the body and helps to increase resistance. Second, it can also stimulate the body to produce more interferon and eliminate the virus in the body. It also has a certain role in preventing colds. In addition, mushrooms have a certain anti-cancer effect.

2, cheese

Cheese is a good source of copper, which is the main source of energy for the immune system. Studies have found that cheese can be used as a carrier for probiotics to help maintain and increase the immune response of the elderly. Daily consumption of cheese containing probiotics can help resolve the problem of degrading the immune system due to aging.

3, yogurt

Yogurt is rich in probiotic factors, and studies have confirmed that these probiotics can effectively enhance the body's resistance. The probiotics such as Bifidobacterium intestine and Lactobacillus are immunogenic, stimulate the division and reproduction of lymphocytes that are responsible for human immunity, and at the same time mobilize the non-specific immune system to eat all kinds of pathogenic foreign microorganisms. A variety of antibodies to improve human immunity.

4, cherry

Cherry is rich in protein, calcium, iron, vitamins, ascorbic acid and other nutrients, not only can prevent iron deficiency anemia, but also effectively enhance physical fitness and improve immunity.

5. Broccoli

Broccoli is rich in ascorbic acid, which can effectively improve the body's immune system. Studies have found that people in the process of chewing vegetables will trigger the release of many chemicals, and these chemicals can control the number of white blood cells in the human body and maintain human health.

6, cabbage

Cabbage is rich in glutathione and can effectively enhance immune system function. Adding a variety of cabbage to the soup slowly stews the antioxidants into the soup, increasing the nutritional value of the food.

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