South Shaanxi rape high yield technology

The Hanzhong Basin and the Ankang Yuehechuan Road in the south of Shaanxi Province are the main rapeseed production areas in our province. They have a large area for planting, and they have the potential to obtain high yields and increase the yield potential. Recently, in view of the high soil moisture in the rape cultivation field in southern Shaanxi Province, which affects the roots of the seedlings and adversely affects the formation of strong seedlings before the winter, a number of rapeseed experts focused their discussions and actively planned the establishment of high yield rapeseed in southern Shaanxi in 2009-2010. The "six-character principle" of "excellent, strong, dense, exclusive, clever, and preventative" is promoted.

I. The varieties grasp “excellent” and promote the two high-quality and high-quality varieties of Qinyou No. 7 and Qinyou No. 10, and the implementation of the counties can also select 1 from Zhongzayou 2, Deyou 8 and Qinyan 211 as required. Two, to achieve the dominant species coverage reached more than 95%.

Second, nursery seedlings emphasize "strong" choice of fertile soil, loose soil, flat terrain, convenient irrigation and drainage, and the former crops of non-cruciferous crops are used as rapeseed nursery beds, and the area ratio of nursery and transplanted fields cannot be less than 1:5. It is best to establish a professional nursery to improve the quality of nursery. When the seedlings are planted at an appropriate period, the seedlings will be seeded at the time of 1 leaf, 1 leaf at 3 hearts, and 100 seedlings per square meter. After fixing the seedlings, the seedbeds are sprayed with 15% paclobutrazol (5 grams) and 10-15 kg of water on each seedbed to cultivate age-appropriate seedlings, prevent seedlings, avoid tall seedlings, and increase plant productivity.

Third, the group highlights the "dense" planted in due time, rational close planting, and improve group production capacity. When planting, the seedlings should be raised and transplanted. The line should be planted straight, the roots must be planted, the trees must be planted, and the quality of transplanting must be strictly controlled; about 7000 plants per 667 m2 should be planted with a spacing of 100 cm (double lines). , Such as line spacing or width and width line planting, spacing of about 18 cm, or maintain spacing 70 cm, spacing of about 20 cm, hole planted double seedlings.

Fourth, field management pay attention to "row" rapeseed before transplanting to open a good "three ditch" dehumidification, as far as possible to ensure that the ditch the same, and do a good job in the seedling stage and the late growth of the ditch drainage and other management measures. Before winter, no-tillage plots covered with straw should be excavated to remove moisture. At the same time, due to the scientific management of the seedlings, it is mainly to attack the seedlings before the winter. Before the winter, the seedlings that grow long and prosperous, they should pay attention to the timely deepening and control; in the weak seedling fields, the fertilizer should be applied as early as possible to promote seedling growth.

Fifth, pay attention to "fine" pay attention to soil testing and formula fertilization, appropriate application of boron fertilizer. Million mu of demonstration film can be 667 square meters of pure nitrogen 12-14 kg, pure phosphorus 5-7 kg, pure potassium 5.6 kg, 1 kg of boron fertilizer. Nitrogen fertilizer management should follow the "basic fertilizer should be sufficient, Miao Fei early, wax fertilizer should be increased, the manure should be stable" principle, according to the ratio of 5:2:3 according to the base fertilizer, Miaofei, wax fertilizer were applied separately, budding period For each 667 square meters, 100 grams of monopotassium phosphate and 100 grams of borax were added to 100 grams of carbendazim, and 40 kg of water was evenly sprayed on the fields.

Sixth, pests and timely "anti-" should adhere to the "prevention-based, comprehensive prevention and control" principle, timely prevention and treatment of pests and diseases in seedbeds and fields, especially to grasp the prevention and treatment of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum.

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