Tangerine sauce processing

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Dried dried tangerine peel has a bitter taste and must be soaked with plenty of fresh water until it tastes without bitterness. If fresh peel is used, it will take longer to cook because of the rich aroma oil, which will make most of its oil spicy.


The debittered skin is beaten in a pulper. If the raw material contains less water, one-tenth of the raw water can be added to beat the pulp and make a slurry. But there is no need to be too delicate. Jams and purees are different.

Heat cooking

The raw material contains a large amount of moisture, and it must be heated and boiled to evaporate part of the water, which can be directly heated or vacuum concentrated.

Adding sugar and additives

According to the raw material and white sugar ratio of 1:1, the sugar is directly added into the dried chilli sauce and boiled. Then 0.4% sodium alginate is added. The quantitative sodium alginate is added and soaked five times in water and heated at a temperature of 50-60° C. Evenly colloid, then add it to the syrup and boil it together with sugar, add the raw material 0.5% citric acid later, stir well and continue heating. It is required that concentration to 45 to 48% of solid content can be stopped. A 0.05% preservative potassium sorbate may be added last before the heating is stopped. This order of feeding is to reduce the color of the jam.


The glass bottles were washed beforehand, and the solid bodies of the sauce bodies were filled with hot water after filling the bottles in accordance with standards.


Cook with boiling water at 100°C for 15 minutes.

cool down

After stepwise cooling to 40 °C to get the finished product.

Tangerine paste is light brown, translucent, sweet and sour, with citrus aroma, edible with other jams, suitable for bread, bread and other food.

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