Tea leaf anthracnose prevention and treatment

Tea anthracnose is a disease caused by the fungus Mycophagium spp. The pathogenic bacteria use mycelia and conidiophores to overwinter in the diseased leaf tissue. The next year spring produces conidia under suitable conditions. The conidia spread by means of wind and rain. Spread, invade the leaves in the water droplets, the formation of lesions, the conidia of the diseased part of the repeated re-infection after repeated, severe disease in high temperature and humidity conditions, the year in May to June, September to October Serious damage occurs. The tea gardens with weak tree vigor, extensive management, excessive picking, suffering frost damage, heavy insects, and excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer are prone to disease. In general, leaf tissue is soft and varieties with low tea polyphenols are susceptible to infection.

Control technology:

1. Select disease-resistant varieties for agricultural control; strengthen management of tea gardens, appropriately increase phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, dig out weeds, promote robust growth of tea trees, and improve tea disease resistance: timely clear diseased leaves to prevent spread of germs.

2. Chemical control 70% of thiophanate-methyl wettable powder 50-70 g (diluted 1000-1500 times) per mu, or 75% of chlorothalonil wettable powder 75-100 g (dilution 800) 1000 times watered spray has good control effect. During the dormant period of tea leaves, 0.6% lime half Bordeaux spray can be used to reduce the following year's disease.

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