The advantages and disadvantages of plant-derived pesticides

Plant-sourced pesticides have the following outstanding advantages: First, because the active ingredients they contain are natural substances rather than synthetic chemical substances, there is a smooth degradation pathway in nature after application, and there is no pollution or pollution to the environment; Due to the large number of insecticides and the unique mode of action of insecticides, insect pests are more difficult to produce drug resistance. Thirdly, they are generally selective and have low toxicity to humans, livestock and natural enemies, and their development and use costs are relatively low. Features.

Of course, plant-derived pesticides also have some disadvantages, such as the complex structure of most natural product compounds, the inability to be synthesized or the cost of synthesis being too high, the decomposition of active ingredients, the complexity of formulation components, and the difficulty in standardization; most plant-origin pesticides work slowly, resulting in some farmers Friends believe that the pesticides used have no effect; there are many spraying times and the short-lived period is short, and it is not easy for farmers to accept; due to the geographical distribution of plants, there are many limiting factors in the selection of processing sites; the collection of plants is seasonal, etc. .

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