The effect and effect of longan meat

Longan Longyanrou is Sapindaceae plant longan tree Euphoria longan (Lour.) Steud. Aril. Mainly produced in Guangdong, Fujian, Taiwan, Guangxi and other places. Picking, drying or drying in the summer and autumn when the fruit is ripe, remove the shell and core, and dry until not sticky, and store for later use.

[Medicine] sweet, warm. Heart, spleen.

【Efficacy】 Replenishing the heart and spleen

Used for over-consideration, labor and spleen, and convulsions, insomnia, forgetfulness, lack of body and body, and spleen and weakness, blood stasis and leakage. This product can replenish spleen, benefit qi and blood, soothe the nerves, and is equivalent to ginseng, angelica and jujube kernels, such as Guipi Decoction ("Jishengfang"); for qi and blood deficiency, you can take this product alone, such as With the diet spectrum "Yu Ling cream (a substitute for the paste), that is, use this product with white sugar steamed, boiled water.

[Usage and dosage] decoction, 10 ~ 25g; large dose of 30 ~ 60g.

[Notes on use] If the wetness is full or there is a stop drink, sputum, and fire are not allowed.

[modern research]
1. Chemical composition: Longan meat contains water-soluble substances, insoluble substances, ash, soluble substances containing glucose, protein, fat and vitamins B1, B2, P, C and so on.
2. Pharmacological effects: Longan meat and alfalfa extract can promote growth and enhance physical fitness. It can significantly prolong the hypoxia survival time of normal pressure in mice and reduce the mortality at low temperature.
3. Clinical research: longan meat, epimedium, etc., rice wine, treatment of male infertility, satisfactory results (new Chinese medicine, 1984, (9): 39); longan meat, calamus, etc., effective treatment of coronary heart disease angina (Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Journal, 1984, 22 (10): 444).
【Abstract of Ancient Books】
1. "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic": "The main Anzhi, anorexia, long-wearing strong soul, smart and light, not old, through the gods."
2. "Materia Medica": "Longan smells sweet, mostly like jujube, but this sweet taste is more heavy, especially moist, in the qi, there is more blood, so the book can be able to benefit Changzhi, raises the heart and keeps the blood, and takes medicine for the heart and spleen. It is the heart and mind that hurts and sees the forgetfulness and convulsions, and the intestines and the blood, which can be used for this treatment."

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