The Importance of Organic Fertilizers for Food Safety

At present, the issue of quality and safety of agricultural products in China has increasingly aroused widespread concern in society. The factors that lead to the safety of agricultural products, especially quality and safety, include both natural and human aspects. The ecological environment, ie, pollution in water, soil, gas, and hygiene, is an important source of declining quality of agricultural products. From the input of the means of production, that is, the source of fertilizers, pesticides, etc., to prevent pollutants from entering the soil and improving the ecological environment of the soil is the fundamental guarantee for the safety of agricultural products.

Agricultural product safety

The main problems with soil pollution

At present, soil pollution in China, which is the soil environment safety problem, mainly has the following aspects:

First, excessive and unscientific application of fertilizers can cause soil contamination.

In recent years, the average N use of chemical fertilizers in China has been above 220 kg/hm2. In the 1990s, the average application volume of 17 provinces exceeded the internationally accepted upper limit of 225 kg/hm2, of which four provinces reached 400 kg/ha. Hm2. In some areas of drinking water and agricultural products, the contents of nitrate nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen were significantly exceeded. In 2001, exports of agricultural products from individual provinces in the Yangtze River Delta lost hundreds of millions of dollars due to unsatisfactory monitoring.

Second, China's total pesticide application amounted to more than 1.3 million tons (a medicine), which is 1 times higher than in developed countries. In particular, with the restructuring of the planting structure, the planting area of ​​vegetables and fruits has increased significantly, which is 1 to 2 times higher than that of food crops.

Residues in the soil after pesticide application are 50% to 60%. At present, the detectable rates of HBC and DDT that have been permanently suspended in the soil are still high.

Third, heavy metal pollution has become increasingly serious.

According to relevant statistics, the soil area polluted by heavy metals in China amounts to 20 million hm2, accounting for 1/6 of the total arable land, and nearly 7 million hm2 of farmland polluted by industrial “three wastes” has caused grain production to decrease by 10 billion kg per year.

Fourth, improper disposal of solid wastes such as plastics, solid waste, and dry organic fertilizers can all become solid waste in agricultural ecosystems. At present, the most hazardous material is scrap plastic.

Organic fertilizers for food safety

And the importance of sustainable agricultural development

China has more people and less land, and the per capita cultivated area is only 1.5 mu (19.5 million mu), which is less than half of the world average. China's arable land has poor soil nutrients. In addition to the black soil in the northeast, the soil organic matter in the dry land is mostly 1.0% to 1.5% outside the old vegetable gardens. The soil organic matter in paddy fields is mostly 1.5% to 2.0%, and most of the soil available N, P, and K are available. Middle and lower levels. Therefore, in the 21st century, China's agriculture will face even greater challenges. How to make good use of organic and inorganic fertilizer resources, handle well the relationship between fertilization and efficiency, fertilization and ecological environment, fertilization and agricultural product safety are major issues related to the national economy and people's livelihood.

The most outstanding feature of organic fertilizer as a new type of environmental protection fertilizer is to improve crop quality, improve fertility, and purify the environment. The content of soil organic matter is closely related to the level of fertility and the ability to supply. For example, sandy lands and deserted lands with very low fertility, it is difficult to maintain crop growth and increase production with large amounts of chemical fertilizers. Therefore, the enhancement of organic fertilizers is also a necessary measure for the continuous increase of crop production.

The implementation of the "fertile soil project" and "pollution-free action plan" of the Ministry of Agriculture will inevitably accelerate the development and production of organic fertilizers, of which the pollution-free fertilizers demanded by Grade A green foods will be even greater. Along with this, the agricultural production materials required for AA-grade green foods have also risen. In particular, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency and various related departments and local governments at all levels have actively supported and promoted the development and production of organic fertilizers, and developed a series of Policies and management methods.

In 2008, the Central Document No. 1 stressed: Accelerate the implementation of fertile soil projects and expand the scale of fertilization for soil testing. Support farmers to return straw, grow green manure and increase organic manure. Actively developing green foods and organic foods, nurturing brand-name agricultural products, supporting the production of high-quality agricultural products, and developing characteristic agriculture, we must vigorously develop conservation-oriented agriculture by reducing costs and increasing revenues, promote the utilization of straw and other by-products and domestic waste, and increase agricultural production efficiency.

Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council hosted the State Council Executive Meeting on May 28, 2008, and made important instructions on the development of China’s agricultural supplies, especially the organic fertilizer industry: rectifying and standardizing the market order of fertilizers, strengthening price and quality supervision, and promoting soil testing and fertilizer application techniques. Guide farmers to rational fertilization and encourage the application of organic fertilizers.

The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued the Notice on the Exemption of VAT on Organic Fertilizer Products, which stipulates that, starting from June 1, taxpayers will be exempted from value-added tax on the production and retail of organic fertilizer products.

The introduction of new state-related policies and management methods shows that the country is paying increasing attention to the organic fertilizer industry and provides a better development platform for the development of the organic fertilizer industry through policy support. It has laid a good foundation for the healthy development of organic fertilizers. Based on this background, organic fertilizers have very broad prospects for development.

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