The key to raising a good pig is to catch three foods over three levels

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The feeding and management of suckling pigs is mainly focused on catching three foods (eating, eating, and consuming) and passing three levels (first pass, feeding pass, and weaning pass).

Grab a good baby food and have a good birth

(1) Carry out childbirth and take delivery of the product to prevent the pig from being crushed, frozen or die in the abdomen due to childbirth, and reduce the mortality of the piglet.

(2) timely rescue "pseudo-dead pig", can be artificial respiration or the "dead-dead pig" soaked in warm water 35 °C -40 °C, the head exposed surface, coated with iodine, alcohol or ammonia in the piglet nostril for drug stimulation.

(3) Cut the dog's teeth and tail within 24 hours of birth to prevent biting of the sow's nipple. Biting tails and biting each other affect the safety of breastfeeding and pigs. She received oral amoxicillin powder before cutting teeth and tail to prevent secondary infection.

(4) Fix the nipple and eat colostrum as soon as possible. Colostrum contains high levels of immunoglobulins and magnesium salts, which allow the piglets to produce immune antibodies, excrete meconium, and increase resistance to disease. In general, it is necessary to have enough colostrum for each pig in the first two hours after birth. The piglets have the habit of eating fixed nipples. In order to make the litters even and robust, the survival rate should be increased, from 2 days to 3 days after birth. Artificially assisted fixation of the nipple.

(5) Strengthen insulation, antifreeze and pressure. The suitable temperature of the piglet: 1 day old -3 days old is 30°C-32°C, 4 days old -10 days old is 28°C-30°C, 11 days old -24 days old, generally infrared lamp is used for heat preservation. Anti-pressure measures are mainly to keep the sow quiet, and to keep the fence and guard box.

(4) Prevent disease from entering the mouth. Within 3 days after the pig was born, each time before feeding, it was scrubbed with a 0.01% potassium permanganate solution to massage the sows' breasts. This can prevent the sow's mastitis and prevent yellow and white piglets.

Grab open food, good calcium supplement

(1) timely calcium, anti-anemia. Generally within 3 days of the birth of the pig, 2 ml of blood is injected into each head of Guangzhou Global Rich. For the faster growing pig, a second injection should be considered before weaning.

(2) timely selenium supplement. When the piglets were born within 3 days and weaned, each head pig was injected with 0.5 ml to 1 ml of 0.1% sodium selenite solution to prevent piglets from suffering from edema and white muscle disease after weaning and weaning.

(3) timely replenishment. After the pig is born from 3 days old to 5 days old, it is possible to set up a drinking water tank in the feeding room to supply clean drinking water and a little sweetener to prevent the pig from drinking dirty water or urine when thirsty and cause diarrhea.

(4) Timely and early feeding. The purpose of feeding is mainly to promote the development of the gastrointestinal tract of piglets, to relieve the itching of the pig's gums, and to reduce the stress of feeding after weaning. The feeding is generally started at the age of 5 days to 7 days, by spreading a small amount of super artificial milk on a dry and clean wooden board and letting it eat for 3 days to 4 days. When the pigs start to eat artificial milk, You can use the feed tank. When feeding, you should try to feed as little as possible. Usually, feed 5 times -6 times a day to prevent feed wastage. Discard the remaining part every day and use the feed tank for cleaning and disinfection. Grab vigorous food, increase weaning weight, and weaning

The sow's lactation peaked at 3 weeks and then gradually decreased. Breast milk alone could not fully meet the need for rapid growth of the sow. The pigs can fully feed the artificial milk after 10 days and 15 days of feeding. Therefore, it is necessary to use this favorable opportunity to urge the pigs to feed heavily, so as to make up for the lack of breast milk, promote the rapid growth of the pigs and increase the weaning weight. And in the feed by adding a suitable amount of gold multi-dimensional, compound astragalus powder to reduce weaning stress.

(1) Choose piglet feeds with high nutrient concentrations and good balance, palatability, and digestibility.

(2) less feed Tim to adapt to gastrointestinal function, but also increase the intake.

(3) Weaning stress factors such as vaccination, transfer, and castration were used to reduce weaning stress.

(4) Reduce sow feeding and drinking water 2 days to 3 days before weaning, reduce the amount of suckling of the pigs, encourage the pigs to eat more, reduce weaning stress, and reduce the incidence of sow mastitis.

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