The Main Symptoms and Control Techniques of Bacterial Myelin Necrosis in Tomato

Recently, the farmers of the vegetable base in Haining City reported that the tomatoes in the greenhouse exhibited dehydration and wilting, and even the whole plant died. After initial diagnosis, this phenomenon was caused by bacterial myeloid necrosis of tomato and was a newly discovered disease in Haining. According to the survey, the incidence rate of diseased field plots is about 1%. In order to facilitate the identification and prevention of farmers, the main symptoms and prevention techniques of the disease are described as follows:

1, the main symptoms

At the beginning of the disease, the middle leaves of the plants began to lose water and wilted. At the same time, the stems had a prominent adventitious root, and there was no obvious disease. Then, brown to dark brown patches appeared above and below the raised adventitious roots, and the length gradually expanded to 5 to 10 cm. Physiological lesions were observed in the longitudinal stems, and the lesions were brownish to dark brown in length. The medullary parts of the stems were necrotic, dry and contracted, and gradually extended upwards and downwards.

2, prevention and control technology

1 promote the rotation: the incidence of plots should not be connected, should be rotated with non-solanum crops. Increase the application of organic fertilizer, rational application of nitrogen fertilizer, scientific matching phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.

2. Strengthen field management: Drain the drains in time after the rain; avoid pruning in rainy weather; plow the diseased plants out of the field and bury or burn them in time.

3, the early onset of drug use: the emergence of the center of the field when the beginning of the drug control. 72% agricultural streptomycin soluble powder 3000-4000 times solution, or 20% thiazole zinc suspension 300 times solution, or 77% WP that can kill WP 500 times, etc., can be used to control once every 7 days or so. , continuous 2-3 times.


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