What is good for middle school students to eat for breakfast? High school student breakfast recipe recommendation

Middle school students are the time when they are physically long, so breakfast must be eaten well. What is good for middle school students to have breakfast? For breakfast, there are a lot of things to pay attention to. Here, give you some outlines.

1, the four elements of nutritious breakfast: cereal energy, protein nutrition, alkaline soy milk, fruit and vegetable essence!

2, nutritious breakfast · best content

Eat more: whole wheat bread, steamed bread, porridge, grains, soy milk, skim milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables;

Eat less: fritters, burgers, cakes, biscuits, fries, ham, instant noodles, carbonated drinks, sodas, etc.

Healthy choices: choose foods rich in high quality protein; choose cereals rich in moisture, minerals, and cellulose; choose fluids and nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables and soymilk skim milk; keep away from high oil, high sugar, high salt, high fat High-additive foods.

3, reasonable collocation scheme:

A variety of small, staple food is essential, there must be dairy products, eggs are also needed, fruit and vegetable fluid is very good.

Breakfast for three meals a day should be multi-category intake.

High-quality protein, vitamins, and sufficient water are all essential to improve immunity.

Breakfast does not promote large amounts, but it should be rich in variety.

At the same time, according to their own preferences, breakfast can be divided into 3-5 kinds of food.

First, the staple food can not be less. The staple food mainly includes bread, steamed bread, and noodles, etc. The weight is generally about one or two, and the body can be increased to a large amount or a large amount of physical exertion. In general, the amount of staple food for breakfast should not be too large.

Second, there must be dairy products. It can be milk, yogurt or soy milk.

Each meal can be about 250ml. If pregnant women and the elderly need to add more calcium through dairy products, they should also drink it in different periods. It is not advisable to drink all the milk products needed in one day in the morning.

Third, the egg needs. Daily intake of an egg should be guaranteed.

Fourth, increase the amount of liquid food. Mainly juice, orange juice and other drinks, mainly to increase the intake of water-soluble vitamins.

In addition, according to their own eating habits, eat cream, cheese, jams and so on.

4, to know, "milk + eggs" is not a perfect nutritious breakfast, this is only a very full of protein.

5, finally reminded again: four elements of nutritious breakfast: cereal energy, protein nutrition, alkaline soy milk, fruit and vegetable essence!

High school student breakfast recipe recommendation

1. Steamed buns, rice porridge, spiced eggs, tofu, fried mustard, radish;

2, fritters, bean curd, fried cabbage, mustard, eight treasures;

3, cake, milk, ham, spicy oil sea cabbage, radish, pickles;

4, bean paste, egg soup, spiced tea eggs, dried pepper beans, pickles;

5, sugar, porridge, salted duck eggs, bean sprouts mixed with fans, pickles;

6, bread, milk, ham, spicy oil chicken, pickles, radish;

7, gold and silver rolls, steamed eggs, mixed with Sanding, fermented bean curd, pickles, porridge.

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