What is trichlorfon? Which pests can be controlled?

What is trichlorfon? Which pests can be controlled? Trichlorfon is an organophosphate insecticide. The original drug was a white crystalline powder; industrial preparations were pale yellow-brown, off-white powder and tan oily liquid. Trichlorfon is an efficient, low residue, broad-spectrum insecticide. Trichlorfon is mainly stomach poisoning and contact. Low toxicity to humans and livestock. The dosage form is 90% crystal, 2% powder, 80% wettable powder. Use technology as follows:

(1) Prevention and control of agricultural pests: 1 Use 100-200 grams of 90% trichlorfon crystal per acre, spray 50-100 kg of water, or spray 2% of powdered trichlorfon per acre to control bollworm and armyworm. , bridge insects, leafhoppers, rice leaf roller, rice borers, rice planthoppers, rice stem borers and so on. 2 Use 90% trichlorfon crystal 500 grams, 10 kilograms of water, seed dressing 100 kilograms, or mix the sauteed cottonseed cake into poison baits to control underground pests.

(2) Control of pests in vegetables: 80-100 grams of trichlorfon crystals per acre, spray 50 kg of water, can control cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth and so on.

(3) Prevention and control of livestock and sanitary pests: 1 Scrubbing with 80% trichlorfon wettable powder 400 times can control the skin parasite pests of cattle, horses and sheep. 2 Made of 90% trichlorfon crystal 1:100 bait, can control housefly, flies.

(4) Precautions for use: First, trichlorfon is particularly sensitive to sorghum, beans, and corn and should not be used. Second, the use of drugs was stopped 7-10 days before the crop was harvested. Third, after washing, you should not wash your hands or face with soap or alkaline water to avoid increased toxicity. Rinse with clean water. Fourth, use on livestock should be conducted under the guidance of technicians.

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