Wheat planter use and adjustment

Wheat mulching planter is an ideal dry farming machine, which can complete ridging, side deep fertilization, ridge laying, membrane side seeding and covering earth repression in one operation. It has heat preservation, water saving and fertilizer saving. , Festival, increase production, increase income effect. The above is based on the film side drills as an example for your reference.

(1) Operational quality requirements

Strips should be straight and the straight line deviation within 50 meters should be no more than 8 centimeters.

The line spacing should be uniform and the deviation from the specified line spacing within a broadcast range should not exceed 1 cm.

The depth should be the same, and the deviation of the seeding depth from the prescribed depth should not exceed 0.5 cm.

The membrane should be tight and the thickness of the membrane covering the soil should be 3 cm to 5 cm. The rate of soil leakage at the membrane should be less than 5%.

(2) Use and adjustment

Adjustment of seed volume: Adjust by changing the working length of the groove wheel and the gap of the tongue. The sowing rate of winter wheat is generally between 5 kg and 7 kg. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the actual amount of broadcast equals the working length of the sheave determined by the amount of static test and is multiplied by the slip correction factor to be the actual working length of the sheave. Otherwise, the amount of broadcast will be reduced.

Adjusting the seeding depth: This is done by changing the perforation position of the upper end of the floating bar and the length of the tractor pull rod. The sow depth is 41 cm.

Adjustment of row fertilizer amount: This is achieved by changing the working length of the row runner wheel and changing the gap between the brush and the row runner wheel.

Fertilizing depth adjustment: This is achieved by changing the relative position of the score line on the opener handle and the plane on the frame. The general fertilization depth is 8 cm to 12 cm.

Rigging height adjustment: Turn the handwheel to change the height of the ridging plate so as to change the depth of the entrants to achieve the required height, typically 5-10 centimeters. At the same time, it is necessary to adjust the angular position of the ridge plate to change the amount of earth to be taken, so as to achieve ridging specifications.

(3) Adjustment of the cover disk

Angle adjustment: When the tractor is in the second gear operation, the rear end of the cover plate is 2.5 centimeters from the side of the opener tube. High speed, the greater the spacing.

Height adjustment: The lower edge of the cover plate should be 1 cm higher than the sowing opener.

Loosening shovel position adjustment: Loosen the fastening nut, move the loosening shovel down, to plan to loosen the tractor wheel pressurised soil principle. The loose soil shovel tip should be less than 5 cm above the fertiliser opener.

Suspension adjustment: The two tractors need to be placed about 10 centimeters lower than the hanging axis of the planter, and then the planter should be hung.

(4) Precautions

Select plots, fine soil preparation. After the mechanical rectification, the land must meet the technical requirements of “flat, homogeneous, loose, broken, net, and concrete”. Second gear operation, uniform speed. The unit operating speed is too high, it will affect the quality of the coating. No lifting equipment, no backwards. Otherwise it will damage the relevant parts. Troubleshooting, shutdown maintenance. Otherwise it will cause harm to personal safety. Add fertilizer, fixed point. According to the length of the plot, the amount of mu (fertilizer), the width of the work, the volume of the seed box, etc Shift maintenance, serious. After each shift is completed, it must be carefully maintained according to the instructions, clean up debris, fastening parts, add butter and so on. After each quarter of work, it should be thoroughly cleaned according to the instructions, and stored in rainproof, dry and ventilated places.

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