Winter broiler control temperature should pay attention

First, the use of thermometers

Select the undamaged and proofreading thermometer and hang it on the northern wall of the house to avoid direct sunlight and keep it away from the stove. The lower end of the thermometer is slightly higher than the back of the chicken. Observe the degree in time, reach the standard temperature as soon as possible, especially the new breeder winter brooding, lack of experience, mainly rely on thermometers to implement temperature control.

Second, see chicken room temperature

Experienced old households can see the distribution of chickens to regulate temperature. For example, chickens are evenly distributed in the entire net bed. They are in the shape of “stars of the sky,” and have legs and necks at rest. They are very comfortable, indicating that the temperature is appropriate; such as chickens. The group was far away from the fire and near the north and south walls. It indicated that the temperature was high. If the mouth was open to gasping, the temperature was too high; if the chickens were close to the fire, they were crowded together and screamed, indicating that the temperature was too low; Most of the distribution was normal. There were no chickens on individual net beds, indicating that there were thieves and checking loopholes in time.

Note: Before going into the chicken, be sure to inspect the chicken house and heating equipment. Don't blindly neglect the ventilation for the sake of keeping warm. Be sure to handle the relationship between the two.