Winter potato potato disease and pest control

Viral disease Virus disease can spread through seed potatoes and is a major cause of degradation of Potato varieties. There are two main types of virus damage: one is shrinking mosaics; the other is rolling leaves. Control methods: selection of disease-resistant varieties and detoxification treatment. The use of virus-free seed potatoes, field operations, pay attention to minimize human transmission, timely control of aphids sprayed, can be used 40% dimethoate emulsion spray 800-1000 times. Late blight, also known as potato clams, is a major disease in production. Germs can be leached into leaves, stems and tubers. The leaves begin to attack from the tip or leaf margin. The lesions are dark brown, water-stained, and the edges are not obvious. When wet, a circle of white mold is produced on the edge of the lesions on the back of the leaves. When the lesions are severe, the plants are charred and emit a special corrupt odor. Control methods: selection of disease-resistant varieties and disease-free seed potatoes, planting seed potatoes before disinfection, pharmaceutical (formalin), Wen Tang disinfection can be. Timely removal of central diseased plants and weeding and weeding. Before the onset of the local epidemic began to spray Borduo liquid prevention. Or with 80% dexamethasone 600-800 times, 75% chlorothalonil 600-800 times liquid control. Ring rot usually begins to show symptoms before and after anthesis. The diseased shoots and stems are shortened, the leaf color fades yellow and fades, and the veins turn yellow, producing dark brown patches, and the leaf margin curls slightly upwards. Control methods: The disease-free seed potato was selected, and the diseased potatoes were completely eliminated before the seeds were preserved and cut, and the disinfecting of the knife was required when cutting. Find out when the diseased plants are eliminated. Pay attention to the prevention and control of underground pests, implement crop rotation, and use resistant varieties. Scars are a type of Sphaerocarpus that only invade the tuber. At the beginning of the disease, brown round or irregular dots are produced on the potato chips, and the surface is rough, showing scab-like hard spots, which usually only occur in the skin of the potato block. The incidence is heavier when the temperature is high. Prevention and treatment methods with ring rot. Insect pests mainly include potato ladybugs, potato tuber moths and aphids. Spray control should be carried out at the beginning of adult migration and larval hatching. It can be used to control 800 times of 50% trichlorfon, 1000 times of 50% dichlorvos emulsion, and 300-400 times of 2.5% nitrite phosphor emulsion.


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